Why You Should Sign the Petition For An Extended Cut of Carrie 2013

For anyone who isn't aware, Carrie is the story of a girl ruthlessly bullied at school & abused at home. However, she also has telekinetic powers, and she uses them to take vengeance upon her tormentors after an extremely humiliating prank at prom.

Why You Should Sign the Petition For An Extended Cut of Carrie 2013

Why You Should Sign the Petition For An Extended Cut of Carrie 2013

Carrie was first depicted on screen in 1976. However, we can't say that the 1976 movie was the "original" Carrie, because the original Carrie was the book it was based off of, written by Stephen King in 1974.

A few years ago, it became known that a new adaptation of Carrie was in the works, which would update Carrie for a new generation. We were promised that the new movie would stick more closely to the book, reviving aspects of the book that the original movie had left out. In essence, it was meant to be a movie entirely of its own, set apart from the 1976 classic.

This was not what happened. Many of these scenes were filmed, but the movie ended up being butchered by the studios prior to the movie's release, essentially making it almost a word-for-word remake of the 1976 movie, rather than a movie that provided a more unique take on the story.

In total, roughly 45 minutes of scenes were cut from the final Carrie 2013 movie.

These scenes included:

- Courtroom scenes with witnesses testifying their experiences with Carrie, effectively structuring the movie as a series of recollections and flashbacks. This is closer to the structuring of the book.

- Social media, which would have made the movie more relevant to the younger generation.

- A video diary by Sue Snell, a girl at school who felt sympathy for Carrie, who documented her life and thoughts regarding Tommy, Carrie, Chris (Carrie's main bully), and the prom

- More bullying scenes

- More character development

- Extended vengeance upon the school. For instance, one part involves Carrie telekinetically toying with dead students & causing them to dance.

- Extended destruction of the town in general, closer to what was described in the book. Parts of these scenes can be seen in the Teaser Trailer here.

- Various different endings

& Many more.*

There has been a petition made in effort to get the full unique movie which we were promised. It's currently at 19,577 signatures, 98% of its goal of 20,000 signatures. The studios are aware of the petition and are considering releasing an extended cut if enough people show interest.

It would be totally awesome if you would sign the petition, if you're interested, here:


*On the page for the petition, you can also read more about the movie's many deleted scenes.

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  • Well, I never saw the original (I hate movies pre-1980, 99% of the time) but I really like Chloe Moretz, so I watched the remake, and I thought it was great. One of the few horror movies I've watched more than once.

    I don't really get why there'd be a remake though.

    • *I mean why there'd be an extended cut especially this far after

    • There was a movie which had its directors cut 25 years after the movie came out

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