8 Great WWII Movies We Rarely Talk About

The movies that I'm going to mention are WWII movies that are not known by many people. I personally think these movies are well made but every one is entitled to their opinion. So here they are.

The first two movies are about the 442nd RCT of the U.S. Army. They are the most decorated unit U.S. Army history, this unit was made of Japanese-Americans. More information on the 442nd RCT is in this link. https://www.the442.org

The first movie is old, it came out in 1951. My father told me about this movie, it's called "Go for broke" which is the motto of the 442nd RCT. Several of the actors in this movie were actual veterans of the 442nd RCT.

The next movie is also about the 442nd RCT. It's called "Only the brave", it came out in 2006. Mark Dacascos acts in this movie.

The next movies involve the German Point of view. If you are the kind of the person that thinks all Germans were nazis(genocidal, racist or warmongers) then you should probably skip these movies. I don't like racists or mass murderers, so please refrain from berating me.

Brother's war is movie involving the perspective of a Wehrmacht soldier in the Eastern front named "Klaus Müller". It's probably a fictional story but it's still interesting. The plot involves the Wehrmacht soldier befriending a British soldier. Spoiler alert, in what some might call cliché, you get to see the older version of Klaus.

The next movie isn't considered a movie but a three episode tv show called "Unsere mütter, Unsere Väter" also known as "Generation War". It shows it through the perspective of two brothers who are Wehrmacht soldiers, a German female singer, a German nurse and a Jewish man who are all friends and have to survive the war. It's in German so you'll have to watch it with subtitles or get a dubbed version if there is a dubbed version. If you speak German, then it should be easier to watch, a lot of the online versions have English subtitles.

Another interesting WWII movie is called "Red Rose of Normandy, and Klaus Müller is once again the protagonist. I think this movie might be a prequel though. In this movie, Klaus is fighting in Western Europe. The begining of the movie takes place on the Eastern front though.

Some people might consider the next movies cliché but in my opinion they are still well made. 2 of these movies have some well known actors, so you might have heard of these. Here they are.

"Victory" it came out in 1981 and it stars Sylvester Stallone. It involves a U.S. Soldier who was captured by the Germans and joins the other allied POWs in playing a soccer match against the German team. It has some actual soccer players.

"War pigs" is a movie about a group of U.S. soldiers having to go behind enemy lines, it's a action movie. Some of the actors in this movie are Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Luke Goss and Chuck Liddell.

Lastly there is a movie called "Company of heroes". This movie also has U.S. soldiers behind enemy lines. It's loosely based on the video game series called "Company of Heroes".

While I'm sure there are more WWII movies, these movies are well made in my opinion.

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