'STRAYA: 4 Australian Actors That Make Me Want to Go Down Under

Double entendres! Lol

1. Thomas Price

Born in Hong Kong this Eurasian angel will never know I exist which is too bad. His filmography may not be that long but I saw all of his movies.

2. Louis Hunter

Although he is not as hot as Thomas Price, this Sydney Kidney is welcome to shrimp on my barbie anytime

3. Liam Hemsworth

I have never seen any of his movies but all I know is he looks better than Chris to me.

4. Brenton Thwaites

I only saw him in one movie but if he wants to I am willing to create a penal colony with him all over again with just us two.

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  • You forgot Hugh Jackman 😍😍😍😍 He is my Top 1

  • Not a fan of the first two. I like Liam and Brenton, but I like Chris more

  • 3. Liam Hemsworth
    <3 <3