Top 10 Game of Thrones Soundtrack List: Season 1 - Season 6

Ramin Djawadi is a German composer with Iranian descent. I think he needs more credit than he is currently taking for creating the awesome soundtracks for the epic show/books Game of Thrones. Everybody is taking their myTakes in GoT characters etc. I thought I should give him the credit he deserves at least here on GaG.

10. Vaes Dothrak

Dany arrives at Vaes Dothrak and goes through the huge Horse Gate (or not so huge in Season 1 compared to Season 6).

9. Needle

For Arya, my favorite character! Stick them with the Pointy End!

PS: I loved Arya the most when she had scenes with Tywin. I loved her the most when she talked about her brother Robb, and then she basically threatened Tywin when he asked if Robb cannot be killed:

"No my Lord. Anyone can be killed."

8. The Old Gods and The New

The moment the Young Wolf made that mistake and introduced Talisa to Catelyn.

PS: I love the moment that Cat confessed Talisa that she could not love a motherless child, Jon, and that's why all these things are happening and Gods are punishing her.

7. You'll Be Queen One Day

Sansa, my sweet summer child!

PS: She was no longer a sweet summer child when she wanted to push Joffrey from the bridge when he forced her to look at Ned's head on the stick and told her that he's going to get Robb's head as well. I loved Sansa when she said "Maybe he'll bring me yours" to Joffrey.

6. Let's Kill Some Crows

For the beautiful wildling Ygritte and our strong Brienne's best lover, Tormund Giantsbane!

PS: Before even all these happened, it broke my heart to see Jon was running away from the free folk to go to the Wall, and told Ygritte these lines:

"I know some things. I know I love you"

5. Mhysa

Mother of Dragons!

This moment is the "Fire" moment of Dany arising among her people. Like Jon rising and breathing air for a moment in the Battle of the Bastards. A song of Ice and Fire, baby!

4. Winds of Winter

After 6 seasons! Finally! With Fire and Blood!

3. Rains of Castamere

"Lannisters send their regards"

by The National's Matt Berninger's unique voice

2. Winter Has Come

"Father always promised, didn't he?"

1. Light of the Seven

Margaery knew Cersei was up to something. Long may she reign!

I know there are other beautiful soundtracks, and I should have included other houses/characters too. I might have mainly focused on Starks and Targaryens. These songs may not be in my top 10, but I need to mention them I guess:

Shireen's Song - It's Always Summer Under the Sea (For Baratheons)

Pay the Iron Price (For Greyjoys)

Chaos is a Ladder (For House Baelish)

Black of Hair (For Jon Arryn and Ned Stark)

Tower (For beautiful Lyanna and Ned keeping his promise that Jon will know nothing)

Kingslayer (For Jaime being suddenly likeable when he talks to Brienne about why he killed Mad King)

Hope you enjoyed the songs!


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  • The Bear and the Maiden Fair is my fav behind the rains of Castamere.

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    • @Entruder I love Tormund and his scenes with Brienne but my heart pumps for Jaime and Brienne so my bear vote goes for Jaime 😂

    • I used to be team Jamie but I don't know lately I've been thinking he only gives a shit about Cersei :(

  • Light of the seven is beautiful and I can't stop listening to it.

  • Winter has come - My absolute favorite. =)

    • Yep agree! I like the fact that they made it in Targaryen theme rather than pure Stark theme.

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