10 Hottest Video Game Boys!

1. Jin Kazama (Tekken series)

10 Hottest Video Game Boys!

2. Nathan Drake (Uncharted series)

He's a little old but I'd still tap that.

3. Adam Jensen (Deus Ex)

When did mechanical arms ever bother me? 😏

4. Snow Villiers (Final Fantasy XIII)

He starts being a dick later but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. Jason Brody (Far Cry 3)

6. Dante (DmC: Devil May Cry)

I liked the old Dante more as a character, but the new one is better on the eyes.

7. Jacob Tayler (Mass Effect)

8. Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper series)

Yes. I did just mention a raccoon because he's fucking handsome, funny, and charming. DO NOT TELL ME THAT I CAN'T FIND RACCOONS ATTRACTIVE.

9. Bruce Wayne (Batman: Arkham Origins)

Did anyone really think I wouldn't mention Batman? Especially a younger one *swoons* 😍

10. Kratos (God of War series)

Yes he's too big. Yes he's scary. And yes he can split me in two... But he's also a sexy beast and has probably slept with all the women in Olympus!

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