Why I Don't Have an Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

NOTE: I do not think I'm superior or smarter than others because I don't use mainstream social media sites. And I'm aware that many others don't have some social media stuff too.

For a while now, I've never really cared for social media stuff. At least the mainstream ones, like I mentioned in my title. I have tried to get a few accounts but I noticed something. They're all basically the same thing but with a slightly different thing.

Why I Don't Have an Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

Literally, if you think about it, they have plenty of similarities that make these sites practically the same.

- all you do is upload pictures or videos

- you can comment on said videos/pictures

- you can like,dislike,or share stuff

- ",following" someone

Now, here are a few reasons why I don't like social media (reasons originally published at Just Freaking Haasome):

Selfies: Instagram’s #SelfieSunday isn’t innately bad. One or two pictures of oneself every couple of weeks does not mean one has Selfitis–that happens when that number exceeds four or five a day. I don’t know why people think they live in a world where others want to see twenty nearly identical photos of someone’s face taken in a public restroom.

Why I Don't Have an Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

Creepers: The unfortunate aspect of blocking someone is that it doesn’t really protect one from the creeper viewing the profile from a different account or by way of a proxy. Anything posted on the web is public, regardless of private settings. If someone really wants to read your statuses, watch your vines or peruse your Instagram photos, having a private profile isn’t definitely going to prevent him from doing so, which is sort of a bummer.

Obligatory Follow/Friend: “Hey, why don’t you follow me on Twitter?” People have straight up asked me this, usually in a public setting, surrounded by mutual friends. In such a situation, I can’t just explain that I don’t want to read about them having the worst job ever or the best mommy in the whole wide world or three yummy meals a day. Instead, I must force a laugh, smile and say, “Oh, golly! I don’t follow you? What! I swear I did. Crazy.” Then, in front of god and everybody, I must slowly tap the “Follow” button on the person’s profile. Twitter and Facebook both have a form of a mute button that keeps certain people’s tweets or status updates off one’s feed.

TMI: I shouldn’t know every intimate detail of someone’s life.

Fights: Not sure why people feel the need to hash it out where everyone can see. With Facebook Messenger, Twitter’s Direct Messaging, texting and good old-fashioned email, there is absolutely no need to get into it in the comments or mentions, but people do anyway.

TL:DR,To me,all social media website seem to be the same idea,b ut with something slightly different.


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What Guys Said 1

  • i dont have social media because you are a consumer, you are not a content creator. you just repost, upload some pics of yourself which is minimal you like and comment which is consuming. your consuming behavior is monitored to make a profit from you through targeted advertising. this makes me biased towards buying certain products which i dont want.


What Girls Said 2

  • I agree with the 'Creepers' thing. One can pass by with different pseudonyms just to continue stalking someone online. Most of the time, the victim never notices 😨. Also, having a social media account with your photos of your face and details about locations (a. k. a. statuses like "Here at NYC atm", or, "Chillin' with them here at the mall") plastered on it can increase your likelihood to be stalked, which is very awful and scary

    As for me, obligatory friend requests, follows, likes, favorites, and retweets are the least of my worries. I follow people I know and/or idolize. I like/retweet posts worth my audience's attention. A follow/friend request should be coming from willingness and not coerced. I agree with you about these 'obligatory' matters because I believe it tarnishes the primary essence of having a follow button in my honest opinion.

  • I agree with you and think it is smart on you to not have social media. I deleted my facebook years ago because my creepers were ex boyfriends who didn't get the hint I was never taking any of them back. I even had this one weird experience with a pizza man who delivered to my house and then added me on facebook and sent me messages! I blocked him, that was too weird. I think a lot of drama and fights are started because of social media too. I see a lot of people who ask, not just on here but on other sites and in real life "why did my boyfriend like all of these girls pics? Is he cheating?" It has caused more suspicion and unneeded drama.
    Nice take 👍🏻


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