Game of Thrones: Arya Stark's Kill List Updated, and Why Each Name is on There


Way back in season one, Arya began reciting a list of people she wanted to kill before she went to sleep every night. Like her own lullaby but for murder. This list of names became known as her kill list. Arya Stark is both a jury and an executioner. Arya has her reasons for putting people on here. Logically, people make the list if they commit crimes against her family. And she will add them if she finds out. Some people like Roose Bolton never made the list even though he was heavily involved in the Red Wedding. Most likely because she never knew, which is fine. Roose Bolton was stabbed by his son, Ramsay. This is the same reason Ramsay Bolton never made the list even though he abused her sister. Which is fine, Ramsay was Sansa's first kill. Arya would've been proud.


Why: For ordering Ned Stark's execution and forcing Arya's sister, Sansa to watch.

Status: Dead. Lady Olenna and Lord Baelish poisoned him.


Why: For her role in Ned Stark's death as well as the Red Wedding.

Status: Alive for now. I think Jaime is going to kill her. This article explains it perfectly.

The Hound

Why: For killing Mycah, the butchers boy.

Status: Alive. Arya believes she let him die a slow death though he was saved. Also in season three Arya took him off her list.


Why: For his role in the Red Wedding.

Status: Dead. His son, Tyrion shot him with a crossbow while he was using the toilet.


Why: Torture at Harrenhal and threatening to rape her.

Status: Dead. Arya killed him after he and the biter attacked her and The Hound.

Walder Frey

Why: Is responsible for orchestrating the Red Wedding, which killed her brother and mother and later bragging about it

Status: Dead. Arya slit his throat after feeding him a pie with his two son's baked into it.

Meryn Trant

Why: For killing her "dance" teacher, Syrio Forel.

Status: Dead. Arya kills him in a Braavosi brothel where he was abusing underage girls.

The Red Woman a.k.a Melisandre

Why: For kidnapping Gendry.

Status: Alive and old as hell.

Beric Dondarrion

Why: For selling Gendry to Melisandre.

Status: Alive.


Why: For killing Lommy, taking needle, and the torture at Harrenhal.

Status: Dead. Arya killed him in the same way he killed Lommy.

Thoros of Myr

Why: For selling Gendry to Melisandre.

Status: Alive.

Ilyn Payne

Why: Executing Ned Stark.

Status: Alive.

The Mountain

Why: For the torture at Harrenhal.

Status: Alive-ish. He was resurrected.


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