5 Fighting Games That Were Brutally Hard When I was a Kid

1. Street Fighter 2

This was one of those games that made you think was easy and simple but turned out to be a pain in the ass as you got to the more difficult levels. Often the CPU will spam projectiles to bait you to jump over them only to end up hitting you with an anti-aerial move like flash kick or Tiger uppercut. One of the most annoying characters in the game was Sagat (Yeah that guy) who could straight up take out your entire health bar after hitting you 2 tiger uppercuts and then throwing you.

And if you manage to get by him you have to deal with a blood lusted dictator known as M.Bison (Balrog) who spam psycho crushers, does bicycle kicks on your ass mid air and then straights up floors you by smashing you into a statue. And if you get past him get read to go SF2: Aneurism mode because your about to get one when you face Akuma.

2. Mortal Kombat 3

The first 2 mortal kombat games were fun and pretty slow pace that you weren't constantly on edge each match but the introduction of the rush system in MK3 and the endurance matches things changed. You couldn't get by being a casual gamer in this game, you either had to be hardcore, or use cheat code to win in this game. Speed was also increase so it felt like you were on adrenaline when playing this game especially seeing characters could now rush the fuck out of you.

The annoying thing about this game was the combo system was broken and there were many imperfection in the fighting system that could cause you to basically be helpless if someone got you in a loop. For example Kung Lao's spinning hat could be used indefinitely and your opponent would be trapped.

And you get past all this and the endurance matches your ass will have to face Motaro. Who is basically Goro with teleportation powers and immunity to projectiles (Nice work Midway).

Overall, this game alienated casual gamers and you basically had to be an MK freak to enjoy it.

3. Killer Instinct

Killer instinct also suffered from the same problem as MK3 the combo system was broken as hell and unless you were hardcore in this game you could find yourself repeating matches over and over until you get out a win. The combo system was worse than MK3 and you could find yourself being hit with combos that dealt out 90% of your health in one go.

We also got to deal with the broken boss Eyedol during the end who not only can pack a punch that drains 25% of your health in 1 hit but could juggle you in the air with projectiles until you were dead.

4. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!!

While the premise of this game is good and fun as you played through into the more difficult stages things got very difficult with fewer punches being enough to K.O. your character. In fact punch out has one of the most broken bosses ever.

And I'm guessing the creators wanted to be authentic as fuck by making 1 or 2 jabs from him being enough to K.O. your ass. I'm sure some kid smashed his game console playing this game.

5. Final Fight

This game was enjoyable and fun and I suppose if you played it with someone it would be super easy to beat and a real fun game to enjoy with someone. However, if you played this game alone like i did then this game could very well cause you to rip out your hair.

Now, at the start this game isn't bad but as you progress the health drops become less, more goons show up to shank you from behind with knifes or get a cheap shot in and if you get pass all these guys you got to deal with guys from street fighter to fight as your opponent. Yeah, how fair is that ? You just cleared through a mini army and now got to fight a character from one of the most broken fighting games ever.


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  • ALL older games were ten times harder than they are today. That's what happens when you go from a niche culture to products that have to appeal to the mainstream masses. ;)

    I don't mind it, though; so many of those old games were so brutally hard they were downright unfair and I never found that fun. I actually prefer the difficulty levels now.

    Was never much into fighting games but I still have Street Fighter 2 on the SNES, I liked all the MKs, and the first Soul Calibur was one of my favorite games. :)