Reasons I Love The Double Dragon Movie (Even Though Its Awful)

This was in no way a good movie, I have never seen one good review or even met many people who have seen it and liked it. But it was based on one of my favorite game franchises, One I never actually played that much, but freaking loved the name and concept of.And, I loved the cover art <3

The things I remember most from the movie.........

The villain that looked like crap(literally)

In the games, Abobo was just an extremely muscular guy.

But in the movie version, he looked like this...........A big pile of crap!

The T-1000 was the main bad guy :)

And he wore a skunk's ass on his head.

It had my most favorite thing in it, Martial arts!

It was crappy martial arts, But they were in there. The movie has some of the worst fight scenes ever filmed.

But the original games didn't have the most sophisticated move set either.

You could punch or you could kick because you were dealing with 8-bits and two buttons, Son..Although, it did feature a jump kick to the face that made me so hard!

And, Most importantly this movie had Alyssa Milano in it

My #1 childhood crush!!!!

And in this movie, she was wearing a skin tight great shirt and tight shorty-shortsThis one scene gave me the naughty tingles in my special place big time!Her butt was so big and perfectly wonderful bent over like that, That I just wanted to hug it, and love it, And watch drive-in movies on it <3

Now it doesn't look that big at all lol Guess everything looks bigger when you are young and full of pre-teen lust......

DD Forever



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  • Ha, cool.

    I actually still like the first Mortal Kombat movie, particularly for the Johnny Cage/Scorpion battle. And the Liu Kang/Reptile and Liu Kang/Shang Tsung fights were pretty bad-ass, too.