5 Great Songs By Kiwi Singers You Just Gotta Hear

I thought I would share 5 songs that us kiwis either grew up with or have become anthems for us.

1. Poi E by Patea Maori Club

Now a film! Every kiwi knows this song!

2. White Lines by Six60

Probably one of my favourite songs and video clip!

3. Why does love do this to me- The Exponents

A song that I'm pretty sure every kiwi knows the words to and often comes on the radio Its come on in the supermarket before and everyone is singing along!

4. April Sun in Cuba by Dragon

Another one of those songs everyone just sings along to.

5. Slice of Heaven by Dave Dobbyn

As soon as you hear the "oooh ba ba oooh ba ba" you know what the song is instantly!

Now of course there are many other wonderful New Zealand artists and songs, like Shihad, Lorde, Gin Wigmore, Ginny Blackmore, Brooke Fraser, Ladyhawke, Stan Walker, Savvage, Scribe, Tiki Taane, and kimbra .

So have a looksy at these artist and fall in love with them!


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  • I liked white lines the best. Great take.


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