Comic Book Trivia: The Mighty Thor

I did one about Superman. This one is about Thor.

10. A weekday is named after him.

Well not Marvel's version, but the original Norse God. Thursday was originally named after the Norse God of thunder, Thor Odinson. It's supposed to mean Thor's Day.

9. His hammer Mjolnir was forged within the core of a dying star (in some versions).

There are two versions of Mjolnir's origin. According to the first one, his father Odin cut out the heart of a dying star and gave it to the dwarves to make a hammer with it. The star exploded in the process and took out Midgard (Earth). This is apparently what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. This is how it happened in the original Norse mythology and it's also been mentioned in the comics.

Comic Book Trivia: The Mighty Thor

In the second origin, the hammer wasn't created with the core of a dying sun but in it. Odin forged it himself using the Asgardian metal Uru in the core of a neutron star, since it apparently couldn't be melted in any other way (even though Thor himself has crushed Uru with his bare hands). This is the version that most comic book writers use as reference.

8. Thor's secret identity is (or was) Donald Blake.

When Thor made his first appearance in the comics, it wasn't as himself. A doctor by the name of Donald Blake found a walking cane in a cave. After he picked up the cane, it soon turned into a hammer and Dr. Blake's appearance changed so he looked taller, more muscular, and had longer hair. Comic Book Trivia: The Mighty Thor

He could change it into a walking cane whenever he wanted and back, but he would transform back when it's a cane. He would also transform back into Donald Blake whenever he was away from the hammer for more than 60 seconds. Donald Blake was also in love with his nurse Jane Foster and the feeling was mutual, but he couldn't reveal his true feelings or the fact that he was Thor (kinda like the Superman/Lois Lane relationship).

Comic Book Trivia: The Mighty Thor

This lead readers to wonder where the real God of Thunder was and how the hammer ended up on Earth. It was only revealed 5 years later that Donald Blake was indeed Thor himself. Odin had created a human host for him while banishing him and also wiped away his memories.

Bonus fact: Donald Blake was also mentioned in the live action movie as Jane's ex.

Comic Book Trivia: The Mighty Thor

7. Thor once fought Godzilla.

This is back when Marvel had the comic book rights to Godzilla.

Comic Book Trivia: The Mighty Thor

The fight ended before there could be a winner but Godzilla seemed to have the upper hand.

6. They've never revealed the upper limit to his strength.

Except that he can lift millions of tons. Asgardians in general have superhuman strength and Thor is the strongest man on Asgard. His most notable feat is dragging the Midgard Serpent away from the Earth.

Comic Book Trivia: The Mighty Thor

It was big enough to wrap itself twice around the planet and could crush the Earth in it's grips if it wanted to.

He also once tipped the Leaning Tower of Pisa with one finger.

Comic Book Trivia: The Mighty Thor

And in the original mythology, Thor could lift Mjolnir because of his strength and not some enchantment. It weighed billions of tons since it was made from a dying star. Thor is the strongest man on Asgard but even he couldn't lift it without his belt of strength Megingjord. This was originally the case in the comics too (although he didn't need the belt) but they retconned it later.

Comic Book Trivia: The Mighty Thor

The only Marvel characters to outmatch him in terms of strength have been Hercules and Hulk.

5. He can drink barrels of mead for weeks straight like it's water.

And the drinks they serve in Asgard are much stronger than what we have on Earth. Comic Book Trivia: The Mighty Thor

He's shown a higher tolerance to alcohol than characters like Wolverine. The only Marvel character to outdrink him has been Hercules. Comic Book Trivia: The Mighty Thor

4. He has the ability to increase his strength (to some extent).

Similar to Wolverine and Hulk, Thor has a state called Warrior Madness in which he goes into a rage and all of his physical attributes (strength, speed, durability, etc.) are increased by ten times. He can tap into it whenever he wants but avoids it because it affects his sanity.

This combined with his belt of strength Megingjord would increase his strength by 20 times.

3. He once stood in the center of the sun with no scratches.

He's just that durable. Comic Book Trivia: The Mighty ThorThis fight also went on for a month, which says a lot about his stamina.

2. Classic Thor could time travel.

Mjolnir can fly three times as fast as light, which originally allowed him to enter the fourth dimension. Comic Book Trivia: The Mighty Thor

Odin later took away this ability, but he got it back once he became the king of Asgard. This is also when he gained the ability to stop time itself and resurrect dead people.

1. He was originally created because Stan Lee wanted a character more powerful than Hulk.

I'm just going to quote him directly.

I wanted to make a character that's bigger and stronger than ever before. We already had the Hulk. Who could we make that's even bigger and stronger than the Hulk? Then it occurred to me: Don't make him a human... Make him a god. I decided readers were already pretty familiar with the Greek and Roman gods. It might be fun to delve into the old Norse legends... Besides, I pictured Norse gods looking like Vikings of old, with the flowing beards, horned helmets, and battle clubs. Thor is the strongest of the Norse gods so I decided to go with him.

And as I said earlier, Thor could originally lift his hammer because of his strength. The reason they decided to change this is because they gave Hulk a powerup. So classic Thor was indeed physically stronger than Hulk. Comic Book Trivia: The Mighty Thor

My next one is probably going to be about Batman or Captain America :D

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Thor wouldn't have stood a chance against Godzilla

    • Well he admitted that Godzilla was stronger than the Midgard Serpent, so maybe not. Comic book Godzilla was much stronger than the movie version (but so is Thor)

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What Guys Said 7

  • Thor is a very interesting character, much more entertaining than Superman. Anyway, Hulk could beat him eventually, just like in the 80's movie. Great Take, as always, I'm looking forward to Batman, or maybe Silver Surfer a bit later?

  • I have been enjoying the depiction of Thor in all of the Avenger films, and while I am aware of Thor outside of this storyline, I never really followed Thor all that much, I was really into Conan when I was reading comics, though I suppose the heroic elements are similar. Nice take though. :-)

  • Great! Again! #1 was the only one i knew.

    Though, how the hell could Godzilla possibly have the upper hand over Thor? Puh-lease. Stupid Marvel.

    • Marvel's Godzilla is much stronger than the movie version. Thor admitted that he was a harder opponent than the Midgard Serpent

    • It just boggles my mind. Boggles it!!

  • I just want to know what did Nick Fury whisper to him that made him unworthy for Mjolnir xD

    • That's something even I wanna know. Even fucking Odin is unworthy!

  • Great one , dying till you reach to doctor manhattan

    • I don't know much about him myself except the generic stuff. I'll probably do him after the characters I know really well

  • Ya, don't piss that one off...

  • Comics are notoriously unreliable when it comes to depictions of strength.
    In one issue, Thor snaps Hulks neck and kills him. In another issue the Punisher is able to take out Thor. Whoever writes the issue, makes the rules of the day.

    • Yeah that is true. And Thor's strength has been pretty inconsistent.

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  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I'm Afrodite and I approve this message lol. Great job my dear!πŸ˜ƒ Make the next one about Batman!

  • Thor is cool, but Hulk is still cooler in my opinion.
    About your new myTake - I'm voting for Batman ;)

  • Nice MyTake, Thor is one of my favorite mythical characters, and a very cool superhero πŸ‘


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