5 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Beer Museum

You may love beer and then it's not an issue for you. But what if you hate beer, don’t like alcohol or are disgusted by the taste or smell? Is it still useful? In Antwerp, a brewery turned part of his old building into a beer museum. What are the advantages of a visit?



1. You learn historical aspects of beer

Yes, there is history in beer. Since alcohol is a narcotic that troubles the mind, why the hell was beer brewing in medieval times done in monasteries by monks (while in the Islam its a big sin)? The reason was general health. Cholera and typhoid were common diseases in medieval times because of contaminated water. To brew beer, you need very pure water free of germs. So the best way to keep those two diseases under control was to force people drinking beer instead of water (or wine in other regions). And since the clerus in those ages were the peoples guardians, they were the best placed to take control over it.

2. The health part of beer is shown

Yes, beer contains alcohol, so the consumption should be limited to one or two glasses maximum a day (depending on your body weight). But beer is made of wheat, which is a very strong source of the vitamin B series. And beer contains a lot of hop which is known to have a calming effect on the mind. That is why even non-alcoholic beer still puts you to sleep easily. And beer contains a lot less sugar (from the alcohol) than soft drinks and none of those artificial sweeteners of which the health effect is not known.

3. You learn the whole brewing process

Brewing beer is natural chemistry using different yeast types to convert the processed wheat (malt) into sugar and after that alcohol. Depending on the temperature and the (natural) additives, you get a lager beer, an ale, or a high fermented strong but tasty beer (like the famous trappist beers).

4. You can determine your own taste

Although you may not like beer, there are hundreds of taste variations from sweet to bitter, from fruity to woody, from flat to gassy, from candy to hoppy. You can do taste sessions to see if there is a beer category that fits your taste and start liking it.

5. You can create your own beer

There is a chart helping you to determine the tastes in the beer when you get a trial kit (like wine). From this chart you can create your own preferred beer taste. If there are a lot of people in your taste category, they might make a test brew and offer it to wide public. If it's a hit a new beer is born and you will like it and even helped the creation.

Who said beer brewing or even visiting a beer museum was boring?


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  • I don't drink at all but I'd go to a beer museum. I'd go to any museum, really, because I like to learn things. :)

    Same reason I'd absolutely go to a wine tasting.

  • I went to the Heineken experience in Amsterdam back in 2007 and it was a lovely experience.

    Hooray beer :)

    • Belgians don't call Heineken beer :-)

    • Lol. I wonder what Belgians think of American beers such as Bud & Bud light ;p

    • Just a standard lager beer. But they are OK if you want a lager against thurst.

  • I know in the U. S breweries offer taste testing which had become huge with the craft beer scene exploding. Most I've been to give you a flight of beers you can pick from a selected list, with an option to buy a growler,6 pack, case, or small 1\6th barrel keg.

  • I'll visit a beer museum when I turn 21

  • Do you also like to drink beer? :)


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  • i've never been to a beer museum before... but i like beer :p
    (not the sweet/fruity ones tho) nice take