YouTube Phenom Martin Shkreli: What I Like, What I Don't

"HINT: Hey, trending is always good! Did Kim Kardashian post another naked selfie? What new “politically correct” snafu is getting headlines? You’ve got an opinion on this hot stuff, and we want to hear it!"

Instead I would like to focus on Mr Shkreli and the things that I like and dislike.

I agree with his decision to raise the price of Daraprim

Wow.. Terrible thumbnail lol, but great explanation..

I do not agree with his attitude

Lol what a jackass! Your goons are soo scary.. Strangely Ghostface from old ass Wu-tang actually responded, and I invite you to find and view that on your own..

His streams can be hilarious, boring, distasteful, and informative

Besides the obvious click-bait title, this is pretty funny:

This in my opinion covers the rest:

J-Man's final verdict

Asshole and most likely someone that you probably wouldn't want to invite to a summer barbecue.. However, has a firm grasp on the mechanics of creating a start-up business and also a keen mind into the status quo into the broken mess that is Wall Street.

Thanks for viewing or skimming through or generally liking. I have a lot of issues to address in this, my road to become an editor here :) Granted the copy paste at the top is probably not helpful lol.

Have a wonderful Labor Day!


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What Girls Said 1

  • Martin Shkreli is from my country and he's a far cousin of mine. My surname years ago used to be Shkreli also but then we changed it dunno why
    But the only thing I know is that we have some blood relation with Martin

    • Your buddy advised me not to trust the Triss :P

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    • Lol OK
      Don't believe me then haha
      I just said the truth
      His origin is from Albania and I'm a native Albanian and this was a 100% coincidence

    • Whoa! I was just messin with ya bit there miss truth lol. Really though from what I've viewed of Mr. Shkreli, he boasts his Albanian heritage and you should as well..

What Guys Said 2

  • Martin Shkreli IS A FUCKING MONSTER.
    FYI, Doctors have said that Daraprim does not need to be improved.
    The world would be a better off if he wasn't in it.

    • Did you actually watch or listen to the first video I put in this take? Yes, Daraprim does not need to be improved.. It's a medication that is often mistaken to aid HIV patients.. Whereas it is actually a partial treatment to toxoplasmosis, which could be a serious concern to a weak immune system. It is also not recommended to take without Bactrim or Coltrim, or one of the countless others.. I actually consider it to be an outdated drug that competent medical doctors would not prescribe even if it was a dollar a pill..

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    • Then the entire board of pfizer would have to be jailed immediately.. I'm assuming "He deserves to be thrown in a whle for his life" means lock him up and throw away the key?

    • Of course the whole damn board deserves to be thrown in a hole,
      and no, more than locked up, I mean like the old french oubliette

  • I called him but his mailbox is full


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