10 Things I Dislike About YouTube


The comment sections are filled with immature, racist, bullies, retarded people. Doesn’t matter what the video is about rude, disrespectful comments will happen.

Worst is when users disrespect you for stating an opinion.

10 Things I Dislike About YouTube

9. The often changes.

Change is good, but not too damn often. You get use to a layout, in a few months they change it again. I miss the overhead videos on top of the user’s video where you didn’t have to click on their channel to find their videos. I really miss the star rating. To me it made more sense. You use to be able to see the rating of a video before clicking it.

With thumb ratings you get the over used “Ten feminist hated this video”. This comment is so cliché.

8. Google plus

I’m used to it now; upon origin, I was so lost. It’s a pointless feature that nobody uses that much (I think).

7. Everyone wants to be famous

Either from doing something stupid or doing something that is overused. There are too many channels of people doing the same damn thing and it looks forced. Whether or not the video may be fake or legit. People are using YouTube as a tool to get famous because of how other people are making it from YouTube. They’ll do anything such as eating poop or setting themselves on fire.

6. Begging for subscribers

It makes them look desperate and feminine. If they are begging for a sub, I will not be subbing. I only sub channels that provide things that matter in the world and are educational not videos of people yelling and trying to be funny. Especially not on videos of people begging for a sub. If I like your stuff I’ll sub without you having to tell me.

5. Copyright issues

I never understood how I get a strike for uploading a music song, while others have had theirs up for years. I always felt it was never fair. I understand why there are copyright laws, but if I’m getting penalized and other users are not for the same video then something’s wrong.

4. Privacy barley exists anymore

With youtube and technology it takes less than a minute to post videos on youtube. Youtube is filled with many embarrassing, freaky issues that should remain private. One moment you get fired from work, not realizing someone had filmed it then it’s posted on YouTube. It’s not family or friends that evade privacy for the world to know its strangers in public areas.

3. YouTube is filled with too many sexualized videos

7 out of 10 random videos on YouTube has something to do with sex. Either a music video, people stripping, vlogs sex, videos of women dressing half naked doing vlogs.

It’s like you’re videos can’t get watched if you’re not talking about sex. I want to watch videos that can help me in life, wholesome, fun and innocent videos. However, I can only see videos about sex popping up as either in the recommended or related videos side.

What's wrose is that parents are the ones filiming their children dancing dirty and posting them on Youtube.

I can’t understand why people go crazy over sex and body parts.

2. It can be addictive

1 moment you’re watching a video on whales…then you’re on a video on how to tie your lace….then vidz on people falling to videos on people singing funny etc. then you realized you spent 2 hours watching random videos and putting them in your watch later column when you wanted to watch videos on whales.

I’m not sure how whales have anything to do with tying your lace.

The #1 thing in youtube that pisses me off….is

1. Videos of people using that flicking camera effect

This is what I mean:

Not a fan of "laci green" she is the most cliched youtuber ever.

Consistent flicking of the screen for no reason at all. This effect makes me so mad. I don’t even watch videos when it occurs because I don’t understand why they need to do that. It doesn’t make the video any more interesting. It makes it unbearable to watch. It looks annoying and pointless.

Why can’t humans just do a video without the flickering effect? I don’t get it. I don’t care how you’re doing your video just don’t do the flickering.

I enjoy fluent, easy, to the point videos.

Honorable mentions:

  1. People that need to curse too much in their videos for no reason.
  2. Ads
  3. Smug famous “Celebrity YouTuber’s”
  4. Getting “This video is not available in you’re country”
  5. Long uploading waits
  6. Clicking to pause a video not realizing you clicked a hidden link.
  7. Fanboys

YouTube has its pros and cons. It’s educational, fun, resourceful as it can be violent, negative and envasive.. I enjoy youtube. Been on it since 2005 so I’ve seen it all on youtube.


Most Helpful Girl

  • desperate and feminine? yes it does make them look desperate but how is that being feminine?

    • its like their begging and begging isn't a masculine trait in my opinion.

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    • oh well... i'm still keeping it.

Most Helpful Guy

  • 10.) It's actually entertaining at some point. If someone is taking something too seriously, maybe the problem lies with them.
    9.) This one is true; I still remember how they fucked up comments system.
    8.) Google+ is bullshit, but it's not exactly necessary to watch youtube.
    7.) Meh, who cares.
    6.) I just ignore their requests for subscribers. If I want to, I will, no point in reminding me.
    5.) Never gave a single fuck about copyrights in my life.
    4.) Indeed, this one is not good.
    3.) #FirstWorldFeministBullshitNonExistentProblem
    2.) Never had that.
    1.) I don't get it :-/

    Honorable mentions:
    1.) Big deal.
    2.) Adblock.
    3.) Wut?
    4.) Greasemnokey proxy scripts.
    5.) Well, that can be your ISP's problem as well, not just theirs.
    6.) Disable captions
    7.) Always existed.

    • @1

      how can you not see the flickering happening at least 10 times per minute... are you blind?

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What Girls Said 1

  • 3.- Really? That's the best about Youtube XD


What Guys Said 9

  • Things I love about YouTube:
    1. When I was growing up, you had to hope to be in the right place at the right time to catch a fistfight. Now I can find ill fights any time I want. I also never miss a hockey fight anymore.

    2. So many nostalgic things from my childhood in the 80s and 90s are on there. Old TV shows, commercials, music, etc.

    3. Sports highlights and montages. As a Boston sports fan, there's a lot of great moments to relive. I'm also a football nerd, so come draft time, I can analyze highlight reels of players and determine strengths and weaknesses.

    4. Instructional videos. Anytime I don't know how to do something, I can probably find out how on YouTube, from car maintenance to household handyman projects to cooking.

    5. Jenna Marbles. Just kidding, she's horrendously unfunny.

  • Excellent!

    Errm... How did you relate 'Begging for subscribers' with 'feminine' trait?

    And one more thing I don't like is that there's a load of Spanish comments.

    "Not a fan of "laci green" she is the most cliched youtuber ever." +1

    • its like their begging and begging isn't a masculine trait in my opinion.

    • I think there are more male slaves in the history as compared to females.

  • Perfect take! Great job! Basically Youtube was never really good.

    GEMA, WMG, money industry for famous channels, ISIS. Just everything you mentioned! I agree 100%!

    Comments are the worst, literally. I disable the commenting and rating sections on ALL of my videos :)

  • It is a magnet for completely retarded comment & " keyboard warrior " bravado & bullshit. Seeing as I stopped watching TV several years back , it's great for older shows , movies & documentaries from " back in the day "

  • 10 and 7 are part of why I actually love YouTube. It's a hellhole sometimes but at least it's entertaining.

    • But I did grew already having access to the Internet from 8 years old. Getting offended at everything pretty much didn't exist back then. It was a Wild West and it was magical.

  • Ehhh i think that its advantages are still much more than its disadvantages

  • Comments are the best part. Some of them are hilarious lol

  • "6. Begging for subscribers
    It makes them look desperate and feminine."


  • I only use youtube when I wanted to watch movie.