My Top 10 Fight Scenes In Movies

I love a good action movie, and especially if they have an action choreography instead of the mindless infinite bullet glitch where our overly muscular action hero takes out a whole legion of bad guys. While they're kind of fun to watch in the beginning, they just grow old quickly. So here's a list of my Top Ten Fights In Movies.

Mind you, I will not be including shootouts or boxing matches or such of the sort. Most of these fights are based on action choreography which includes a good dose martial arts and one vs many fights. So without further ado...

10. Kill Bill Vol 1: The Bride vs Crazy 88

This is just a great fight which broke many a stereotype. The bride fends off a horde of masked Yakuzas in morosely humorous fashion as she slices, gouges and impales her way to revenge. Also, the movie is pretty damn good, directed by the excellent Quentin Tarantino.

9. Oldboy: Narrow Corridor Fight

This Korean Masterpiece is a muse for many a indie or old school action director, not just because of its action scenes (which are actually just a few) but also because of its storytelling. This entire scene was shot in a single take, which means minimal editing, making it very difficult to pull off. However, this movie stands the test of time compared to the American remake which is considerably bad.

8. The Matrix: Neo vs Agent Smith Subway Duel

This list wouldn't be a true list without at least one fight from the 1999 classic, The Matrix. Sure there are tons of excellent fights in the series and they could probably fill a top ten list on their own, but I felt this was the most iconic as Neo isn't still OP'd and manages to pull one up against the relentless Agent Smith.

7. The Raid 2: Prison Latrine Fight

The Raid series is known for their gritty, visceral fights and are action packed to the brim with memorable fights. This fight for example takes a page out of the Oldboys narrow corridor scene and executes it rather well. If you're an action buff and can sit through gore and crunchy bone breaking sounds, these films should be right up your alley.

6. Kill Zone: Donnie Yen vs Wu King

A stellar example of classic martial art duels which have influenced so many modern movies. And this fight is the penultimate one in the movie; the follow-up and final fight alone makes the movie worth a watch.

5. Star Wars EP 1: Obi Wan Kenobi & Win Gon Jinn vs Darth Maul

Ah, of course, now as a Star Wars fanboy. I've enjoyed every duel in the series. While the New Millennium trilogy barely lived up to the original one, it did exceed it in one regard: the excellent light saber duels throughout the films. And what better way to highlight it other than to pin it on the first major duel in the series. Obi Wan FTW.

4. The Kingsman Secret Service: Church Brawl

Oh hell yes, if the painstaking attention to detail won't blow you away or its excellent choreography, the guitar riffs by Songbird definitely will. It also helps that the movie itself is pretty damn awesome.

3. 300: The Spartans vs The Immortals

This gritty, gory scene is perhaps the highlight of the film as Leonidas' men square off against the elite Immortals and butcher them. The film is full of a mix of amazing cinematography and visceral combat.

2. Way Of The Dragon: Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

So, two legends squaring off against each other? Need you any words?

1. Enter The Dragon: Break The Image

Bruce Lee deserves two mentions in this list because of his influence on the pantheon of martial arts cinema and just stunts in general. This was also his last film before his death. Also credited with the inventive use of props in fight scenes.

So that's my list. Please note, the movies on this list are no particular order, that is to say, no one fight is particularly, I think, is better than the rest. This is my list, so let me know if you've any favorites you want to share.

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  • These are the kind of fight scenes that make you clench your butt cheeks while you hold onto dear life.


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  • I loveddddd Chuck Norris! I'm going with #4 lmfao that movie was hilarious and that scene left me like dafuq😂😂😂😂😂just happened? All he did was go to church and in two minutes all hell broke loose!

  • Kill Bill was epic. So much ass whooping! Bruce Lee beating Chuck Norris is beyond epic. Nice list 👍🏻

  • No fight club... wel damnit I wanted to make a joke :(

  • There are more.

    • There are, but I only included the ones which I consider are my top ten.

  • star wars scene is the best to me


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