4 Alternate History Movies and 1 TV Show Well Worth Watching

Bridge of Dragons (1999) is a movie that takes place in a world that is run as a kingdom. The protagonist is played by Dolph Lundgren and the antagonist is a guy that resembles M. Bison from Street Fighter. He has an army of guys that are dressed in WWII style German army (Wehrmacht) uniforms along with German weapons, and the location seems to have a mixture of East Asian and European culture. Some characters wear Vietnam war US military uniforms. It's not stated where or when the movie takes place, all it states is that "the future meets the past".

Wolfenstein: Liberation of London is a 10 minute short film starring voice actress Irene Engel of The New Order. She plays the same villain in this movie. William Blaskowicz isn't in this movie, as a group of British resistance fighters are the protagonists.

Fatherland (1994) takes place during the 1960s in "Germania". In this movie, the Nazis won WWII but didn't take over the world. Germany only takes over all of Europe excluding Russia but it's still a terrifying scenario. This movie is based on a book of the same name.

Red Dawn (1984) has a similar plot to the newer one but instead of North Koreans, the Soviets are the antagonists in this movie. The story involves the frightening alternate history scenario in which the Soviets invade the U.S. during the Cold War.

The Man in the High Castle (2015-present) isn't a movie it's a T.V. series about an Axis victory in WWII. The story shows the U.S. divided in 2, Japanese and German sides, similar to East and West Germany. Japan and the Third Reich appear to be in a Cold War scenario. This show is another terrifying alternate history scenario and it's based on a book of the same name.

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  • How could you overlook Watchmen? It's a masterpiece!



    • By the way, Red Dawn is not really an Alternate History movie. Made during the 1980s portion of the Cold War, it told of a hypothetical contemporary invasion of the USA by the Soviet Union, Cuba, and other Warsaw Pact / Iron Curtain countries. Being contemporary at the time, that disqualifies it as Alternate History.

      For a story to be Alternate History, the story must be written after the major-events-that-did-not-really-happen in the story; that is, the real documented major events that actually occurred are different and contradict the events of the Alternate History story. That is the essence of what makes them Alternate History - alternate outcomes of various events and other events that did not actually ever occur in the real past.

      I can't comment on the other movies in this list other than both Watchmen and The Man in the High Castle are, indeed, actual stories in the Alternate History genre.