5 Great Comic Book Characters With Stupid Fans

This obviously isn't referring to all of their fans since I'm one myself and I don't consider myself stupid :P I also don't mean most of them but enough to give the rest of us a bad name. These are the ones you want to avoid online.

5 Great Comic Book Characters With Stupid Fans


This might be surprising coming from me since he's my favorite comic book superhero, but he has does have a lot of fans who believe that he would beat literally anyone with prep time just because he's Batman. These are the ones with Batman Syndrome.

5 Great Comic Book Characters With Stupid Fans

The Superman example given above is the most common one since many of them say that Batman always beats Superman, but Superman has won pretty much every canon fight they've had and majority of the non-canon ones too (I already mentioned this in my Superman take). You'll also hear them say that Batman is the only one who can beat Superman, but there have been many characters who have beaten him more times than Batman. 5 Great Comic Book Characters With Stupid Fans

This isn't just limited to arguments about Superman. That was just one example. There are fans who believe that Batman can beat anyone with enough prep with no reason other than "He's Batman!" (Okay... I love that phrase too, but let's be realistic). That even includes the person writing the comic 😒


His popularity has gone up a lot after the movie came out. Close to half of his fans probably haven't read a comic featuring him. I don't see a problem with this since not everyone reads comics, and I don't expect them to either. However, there are fans who think that they know all about the character just because they've seen one movie, even though they didn't know about him last year.

5 Great Comic Book Characters With Stupid Fans

Unpopular opinion: The movie was meh.

I did enjoy it, but it's not a movie I'd pay to go watch (and I'm glad I didn't tbh). Not just for a superhero movie but even for a comedy. Most of the jokes weren't even funny. I'm just glad they got his character and backstory right, unlike the mess that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

5 Great Comic Book Characters With Stupid Fans


There are people who say that Hulk is just an angry monster with no personality. I disagree because I think he's an interesting character and has some of the best stories (Planet Hulk, World War Hulk, and Return of the Monster; just to name a few). I've heard many fans use the argument "Hulk wins because he has unlimited strength." though. Now it's true that Hulk has absolutely no limits to how strong he can get and he even has an extremely fast healing factor that makes him almost impossible to kill.

But these abilites are only useful when he's in a physical fight. I've heard people use that argument even for characters like Franklin Richards, a character who can literally change history to prevent Banner from becoming the Hulk.

5 Great Comic Book Characters With Stupid Fans

But he's got limits even when it comes to his physical attributes... Fun fact: Hulk has admitted that the reason he prefers to jump is because his legs can't run fast enough.

5 Great Comic Book Characters With Stupid Fans

Superman Prime One Million

I've heard a lot of mixed opinions about Superman. People often say that he's overrated, overpowered, and that his only weakness is a green rock. I personally disagree and feel that he's underrated. He's one of my favorite characters. Now Superman Prime One Million is one of the most powerful versions of Superman, but he's pretty much featless. Because of this, people in battle forums give him feats that he's never performed and use him as an argument against any other character. 5 Great Comic Book Characters With Stupid Fans

What he can do

For those of you who know about Superman's abilities, you probably know that he gets his powers from the sun. Now Prime One Million is a version of Superman that was sun dipped for 15,000 years. So all of his attributes have been enhanced billions of times. So he's billions of times stronger, faster, and more durable than he usually is. I don't want to spend this take doing the math but you can read more about it here. 5 Great Comic Book Characters With Stupid Fans

Being sun dipped for a few days also makes Superman immune to kryptonite for a short amount of time. So this version is also immune to kryptonite for... probably a decade.

What he can't do

The feats that a lot of fans seem to give him are usually based on dialogues he said that are usually taken out of context. I've heard people say that he can create new universes, resurrect dead people, create life out of nothing, or that he's immortal. None of these are true. A friend of mine actually debunked all of them here.

Basically, a sun dip only enhances the abilities that he already has. It doesn't give him any new ones. The only real difference is that he's immune to kryptonite, but even that's not permanent. However, he's not the most powerful version of Superman (despite what some fans might tell you). It's actually Cosmic Armor Superman. Don't even get me started on his abiliies.


This used to be the case 4 years ago on many comic book forums like Comic Vine or CBR. Those fans seem to have disappeared now but you still find them occasionally. A mere mention of Storm was sometimes enough to get these fans worked up into a frothing frenzy and any insinuation that Storm is somehow not perfect or is lesser than another character in some way was met with a ravenous desire to crucify you with misinterpreted scans and wildly inaccurate claims about her power set. 5 Great Comic Book Characters With Stupid Fans

She's a great character. In fact, she's one of my favorite from the X-Men. However, she's not an omega-level mutant. Fans continue to insist that she is one even though Marvel's handbook clearly states her as Alpha-level. It does say that she has an omega-level potential, but not that she is omega-level.

When I used to go on Comic Vine 4 years ago, the Marvel section was pretty much filled with vs. battles about her and other characters; usually Thor since both of them have the ability to control the weather. I do think this would be a good fight and can even see her winning in some cases, but I'd appreciate it if I don't have to see duplicates of threads that were created 12 hours ago. 5 Great Comic Book Characters With Stupid Fans

So just to make things clear, this wasn't a hate thread since these are some of my favorite characters. If you got triggered by this, I take no responsibility :P

Someone also told me to include Goku on this thread but I'm not qualified enough to write about him :/


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Most Helpful Guy

  • Didn't superman prime one million resurrect a dead lois lane though,
    Thats the one that used to be All Star Superman right?

    • He and Lzyxm Ltpkz did it together after collecting her DNA samples. It wasn't just his own power.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Mhm, yeah, it's true, Deadpool's fans tend to exaggerate very often, especially after the movie came out.


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What Guys Said 9

  • Agreed about too many people seeing Batman as a god, lol. That goes against the whole point of Batman to me: the superhero without superpowers. >_<

    As a person whose Batman was defined by growing up with "Batman: The Animated Series" lol, what made Batman one of my favorite superheroes was exactly because of how physically LIMITED and vulnerable he was. He was often scared, fearing for his life because the bad guys were one step away from killing him.


    He would often struggle to beat even common thugs if there were too many of them at once: any real-life great fighter would. He would often have to be saved by Robin, Alfred, Batgirl, Gordon, other police officers, or even just common citizens who were inspired by Batman's example, in almost every episode lol. But the fact that he was so mortal, and even afraid for his life, and yet he went out every night to help people anyway... THAT'S what makes him Batman.

    • I completely agree with you. Another thing that I liked about him was that he did get beaten a lot but then came back stronger than before. He realized that he always had weaknesses and found ways to overcome them, or found out the enemies' weakness so he wouldn't make the same mistake next time.

      But you have fans saying that he can't be beaten at all, which just goes against all of that.

    • :D

      And hahaha do that many people really say that Deadpool would beat Wonder Woman in a fight? xD

    • Yeah. Probably the people who know nothing about Wonder Woman lol.

      There are also the people who use the "Deadpool is immortal" argument to say that he wins. That might be true but he won't put up much of a fight against characters who are above street level.

  • I'm so glad you brought up batman and superman. Honestly, some batman fans are so toxic and obtuse that it influences my enjoyment of the character. It doesn't help that WB pushes him into every animated movie because of his popularity and even stories he wasn't in on the comic book side. It sucks because I love the character but people around me just kill my enjoyment of the character a bit.

    Superman is someone who is just plain underrated in modern times. The people who criticize superman actually make me love the character more. It's usually the same people who dick ride Batman too for whatever reason. Apparently you can't like both. There has been no character that has embodied what it means to be a hero to me more than Superman. A lot of characters have things that torture them like the death of Bruce's parents, Tony Starks' alcoholism, etc. The thing that tortures Superman is the fact that despite how powerful he is, he can't save everyone. People will die under his watch. That's a sad reality that punches him in the gut every time it happens. Instead of thinking that's awesome, we live in a jaded time where people think that's lame and call him the blue boy scout. The live action movies don't really help guide people away from that with his impotence on the big screen. I know these are different points than you were bringing up about Superman fans but meh lol

    • Yeah I agree with you. Superman's popularity has gone down a lot in recent years, especially because of how he's been portrayed in the movies. Aside for a few stories, he isn't all that "dark and brooding" like Batman. They've been doing that with a lot of characters though. Even Arrow seems like a Batman rip-off since they can't have a Batman show. Even many of the villains are Batman villains. Superman's character is more than just his abilities. It's about what he stands for. He pretty much used to be DC's biggest character till the 80s before Batman's popularity went up.

      And there's also the fans who say that you can't like both Marvel and DC. Smh

    • Show All
    • @nfigure I do like that the Ultimate Edition gave Superman more screen time but it also made Batman look like more of a dick than the theatrical edition. Now my biggest problem wasn't with him killing but his reason for wanting to kill Superman. It just made him look like a xenophobic zealot. Maybe it would have been different if they made a movie about Jason's death first or at least showed a flashback, but they didn't even mention him except an Easter egg.

      I also think it was too early for a Death of Superman storyline. When it happened in the comics, people already loved him. They had mixed opinions about him in the movie though.

      I also don't get why people are trying so hard to compare the two characters. They're supposed to be bros; not enemies.

    • Haha yeah Batman was a jerk for sure, but to me it wasn't shown as a good thing: everyone in the movie criticized him for being a jerk haha, most notably Alfred and Superman. So I saw it more like he was at a very low point: cynical and bitter after 20 years. And his brutishness and bad attitude reflected that. So his redemption and renewed faith from Superman's example was a meaningful development at the end; from the point where he saved Martha Kent onward, he very noticeably felt more like classic lovable Batman again, haha. :P

      I actually liked that Superman sacrificed himself among mixed opinions. It definitely was a different story from the source, but one iconic part of Superman is the immigrant/outsider theme, and immigrants/minorities also have had to deal with mixed opinions /distrust even while serving their country and paying the ultimate sacrifice (thus proving their worth). So I just thought this was a good allegory for that, especially with the soldier's funeral.

  • Good stuff. I personally love Hulk. I think he's fantastic and the dichotomy between him and Banner is great, but somewhere in the beast is the man.

    I think it's also a great depiction of how we all feel when we get angry, and what we wish we could do when we are.

    • I agree. I've found most of his movie portrayals a little disappointing so far since we didn't get to see that side of him enough. They're just showing him as a powerhouse and not much more.

  • But Batman can defeat the every member of JLA with adequate preparation... I remember reading an issue where he prepares a file for every other Superhero in JLA, which consists of their most deadly weaknesses. He made a red Krpytonite especially for Superman, which was way more times dangerous than the ordinary green Kryptonite. Unfortunately, these files got into the hands of their enemies and they used them to destroy JLA.

    • Yes. It happened in JLA: Tower of Babel. Really good comic.

      But there are people who think that Batman can beat even characters like Imperiex or Kismet, who are on a whole different level and he doesn't even understand them completely (and no human or alien actually does)

  • I like the Hulk <3
    I've always entertained the idea of him leading the Avengers, although everyone tells me otherwise. How would Storm beat Thor by the way?

    • Well I love him too but I don't know about him leading the Avengers lol

      Well I do think Thor would win in majority of the cases but I don't think it's impossible for Storm to win. Maybe if Thor has already been weakened from a previous fight or something like that. But I've come across fans who think that she'd always win.

  • Except for the fact Batman did dodge Darkseid's Omega Beam

    Argument invalid

    Batman is the Goddamn Batman...

    Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnd I just proved your point didn't I?


  • Lots of stuff I didn't know about - I think every fan group of anything has an element who drink the Kool Aid and take their views over the top

  • Indeed, all of these superheroes have lots of stupid fans... Superman in particularly (they think he can't be harmed without the kryptonite).
    Sure, Batman is not a superhuman, but he is still my favorite here :P
    Superman Prime One Million, lol, even the ordinary Superman is over-exaggerated, no comment, lol.
    Naturally, Hulk can't beat some psionic or magical powers, physical combat is his speciality.
    Before the movie, Deadpool was mostly unknown to me.
    Storm is one of my favorite X-Men too, but let's be realistic, she is not as powerful as Dark Phoenix, therefore, she is no match for Thor.
    Great Take as always ;)

  • I can beat Superman... because I'm Deadpool!


What Girls Said 3

  • Yeah, I suppose every superhero, every movie or tv show, every comic book and video game have certain stupid fans, shame on them all :P

  • Thanks for sharing...

  • Luke Cage is total SJW porn a strong power alpha male black guy fighting the system who gets into trouble with police but is bullet proof, has loads of sex with women who can't resist him but dumps the sistas like Misty Knight for skinny white girl with Daddy issues Jessica Jones. All thats missing from the Title is "Luke Cage Big Black Cock"
    Im suprised that the main villian isn't an old white man upset about being a cuckold to a black man.


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