Top Ten Comic Book Artists


So here are my favorites. Some of them are well-known but others are not.

10. Todd Mcfarlane

Spawn and Spider-Man... 'Nuff said!

Top Ten Comic Book Artists

Or most recently, his Assassin's Creed fanart.

Top Ten Comic Book Artists

Also, good news: He's writing and directing a Spawn movie and I'm excited :D

9. Sana Takeda

She's famous for Monstress (which is an amazing series) but she's also drawn for Marvel. Her art style differs a lot from comic to comic though.


Top Ten Comic Book Artists


Top Ten Comic Book Artists

8. Jason Shawn Alexander

Well... I only know him because of Frostbite but I like his artwork. For those of you that haven't heard about the series, it's by Vertigo (an imprint of DC) and let me tell you, it's amazing... Well, the first few issues are.

Top Ten Comic Book Artists

Top Ten Comic Book Artists

7. Joe Ng

Top Ten Comic Book Artists

6. Christian Ward

He's more famous for his work with Image Comics but I know him for his Black Bolt run. Some people think it's too much color but I dig it.

Top Ten Comic Book Artists

5. Jae Lee

If you're not familiar with his work, just check out Superman/Batman: Cross World. Well that's what I know him from but I've seen some of his other art too and it's awesome!

Top Ten Comic Book Artists

A lot of his art looks like he just splashed paint over the page, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Top Ten Comic Book Artists

4. Kenneth Rocafort
Top Ten Comic Book Artists

Top Ten Comic Book Artists

3. Fiona Staples

She's also drawn fanart of Marvel and DC, and Game of Thrones too. But she's famous for Saga, which is hands down one of the best comics ever written. I'd like to see more art from her that features a fantasy setting.

Top Ten Comic Book Artists
Top Ten Comic Book Artists

She worked on the Archie Comics reboot too, but it was only the first two issues.

2. Greg Capullo

Say what you want about the New 52, but Batman is one of the few characters they got right. Capullo's art and Scott Snyder's writing is one of the best things to happen to the character 😍

Top Ten Comic Book Artists
Top Ten Comic Book Artists

1. Alex Ross

What you see below aren't photos. They were actually drawn.

Top Ten Comic Book Artists
Top Ten Comic Book Artists
Top Ten Comic Book Artists

Fun fact: The new Justice League posters are inspired by his art.

Top Ten Comic Book Artists

Are there any that you think should be on this list? Feel free to comment :)

Top Ten Comic Book Artists
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Most Helpful Girl

  • redeyemindtricks
    "What you see below aren't photos. They were actually drawn."

    ^^ bahah reminds me of a girlfriend of mine, who has a similar talent for drawing extremely realistic portraiture.

    Just for the hell of it, when it came time for her husband to renew his passport, she **DREW** him from the neck up against the requisite plain background, then took photos of her drawing and sent them in with his passport renewal application (in lieu of actual photos of him).

    The application was accepted.
    So — at least for what's left of the relevant 10-year period — there's at least one man (who shall of course remain nameless) walking around with a U. S. passport featuring his wife's artwork. <3
    Is this still revelant?
    • LadyTerror

      Damn! That's crazy. They believed it was real?

    • Yep ahah. Renewal was processed seamlessly... ahead of schedule, in fact.

      Didn't hurt that she was taking passport-sized pictures of a drawing that was considerably larger than passport-sized (the original was not-quite the size of a standard movie poster).

      I asked her whether there would have been any possible legal repercussions if their little ruse had been found out — and she just shrugged and was like, "No chance of that". Ahh the confidence <3 <3

Most Helpful Guy

  • ADFSDF1996
    These people clearly have drawing talents. I can't even draw a human face properly, which is why I didn't give the two figures on my profile picture faces.
    Is this still revelant?
    • LadyTerror

      Lol I consider myself decent at drawing but even I can't get faces right

    • Regular1

      Hitler had the same problem. It kept him out of the Vienna art school.

    • ADFSDF1996

      @Regular1 that's true.

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  • Whatthefluff
    Jae Lee is awesome!
  • RedThread
    I love the artist for Saga. Saga is definitely one of my favorite comic series. It's so unique and compelling. There really isn't anything like it.

    I like Ethan Van Sciver. He did a lot of work for the Green Lantern Rebirth series. I thought his art was more simplistic at first but it really started to grow on me. The way he emphasizes color and light really lends well to the series.
  • CasaNorba

    I like them all but wow the first one makes me miss Spawn a lot. I still remember watching that live action movie nonstop in 1997 with Michael Jai White as Spawn. yea I'll admit it was a corny movie but I still enjoyed it and last time I heard it was getting a reboot which I really can't wait till it happens as Spawn is a little too underrated and deserves a bigger audience
  • BlueEyesWD
    What about Paco Medina, Adi Granov, John Cassaday, Ed McGuinness, Marcus To, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Andrea Di Vito, Olivier Coipel, Javier Garron and yes I agree with Alex Ross.
    • LadyTerror

      I've only heard of three of those. I'll have to check the others out

  • Bvroon
    Very nice, though I must confess I'm an old timer, and outside of Todd McFarlane, I'm not all that familiar with the other artists. They clearly have talent though.
  • BarracudaFunyun
    Really? You ain't gonna mention John Buscema and Akira Toriyama?

  • Asad1ONE1
    Never been a couple. ic book fan but MAN!! These are pristine works of art! I was to see creative artworks regarding my favorite video game series, such as Metroid Prime or Dead Space.Top Ten Comic Book ArtistsTop Ten Comic Book Artists
  • BellePepper
    You should just tag these LadyTerrorsAwesomeTaste or something XD
  • Justinaveragedude
    Sean Phillips, Paul Duffield, and Ben Templesmith
    Even if they aren't on your top 10, they are worth a shout out. They are amazing.
  • 404filenotfound
    Todd MacFarlane is my favorite by a mile, I just dig his style.
  • Jemini_Crocket
    Dexter soy could be an aditional artist. I love his work. :3
  • TatyanaTheEmpress
    LOL, for a moment I thought Todd McFarlane was somehow related to Seth MacFarlane :P
  • ArabianPwincess197
    Interesting Take, I liked Sana, Jae Lee's and Fiona's the most
  • John_Doesnt
    These artists are good but I was hoping to see Bazooka Joe.
  • GoodManDave
    Frank Cho is good. I think he's more well known for University squared and Liberty Meadows... but I do see him get a lot of covers for well known comics, at the very least.

    I was looking for Liefeld... but was pleasantly surprised I didn't see his name. He's probably more well known for his controversies and sheer volume of stuff he used to do... but it see like everyone puts him on every comics list I've seen so far... best and worst lists.

    I like that you went with less famous and
    more modern artists - but If we were to
    Make a top 20 or something, I would add some of the "classic" artists, like Kirby, Eisner, Steranko, Ditko, etc.
  • Waffles731
    can't say I like Todd Macfarlane due to how he's an utter shit in rl
  • DiegoO
    Wow, excellent job. I really wish to work as a cartoonist... The talent is there just that I haven't found the opportunity.
  • CHRIS11796
    Alex Ross has always been one of my favorite artists. Good list.
  • Femdomina
    Nice list, I like their work :)
  • MrMysteryMan
    I've always loved MacFarlane!
  • Zorax
    Interesting group of artists, very good Take.
  • ChocoLada
    Cool, I like most of them.
  • emerald77
    I wish I could draw like that!
  • Ephemera1
    Intriguing. Nice work
  • Astoriana
    The final opus.
  • disgustingweebtrash
  • CT_CD
  • Zechs
    Fucking awesome
  • whoisvolkan
    Great my take, i like it. Thanks..
  • Anonymous
    never heard of Monstress?
  • Anonymous
    you like comics? Check out this comic -
  • Anonymous
    5. Jae Lee
  • Anonymous
    For those who like comics...
  • Anonymous
    great talent
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Very cool!