10 TV Shows That'll Ease Your Game of Thrones Withdrawal

10 TV Shows That'll Ease Your Game of Thrones Withdrawal

I'm going to assume that since you're reading this, you're into Game of Thrones, and subsequently I will also assume you're perfectly fine with gratuitous sex scenes and random acts of horrific violence. If you're not, stop and turn back now. Or don't. I don't care but don't blame me when you're watching one of these shows with your kids and a sex scene that is borderline porn comes on.


This show follows Ragnar, a former farmer who rises to his glory as King of Denmark. If you don't like the sex scenes from Game of Thrones but love everything else, this show is perfect for you. The sex scenes aren't as bad but this show still has power struggles, badass women, and doesn't skip out on the violence.

Penny Dreadful

I am willing to bet you are familiar with Dr. Frankenstein and Dorian Gray. This show brings characters like that to life. Creepy and very macabre, it's a psychological thriller set in Victorian London. It has historical elements, family drama, creepy-crawlies, and beloved literature.

The Borgias

If you need a family to hate not counting the Lannisters, the Borgias family is for you. The Borgias were a real life family in Italy, this show shows their rise to power. Incestuous line included. This show is filled with corruption, bribery, extortion, torture, power, and family.

Sons of Anarchy

The setting is probably the farthest from the Game of Thrones' setting but it does have power struggles and shocking deaths. It was influenced by Hamlet and like Game of Thrones, and the plot is a twisted web.

The Tudors

This show is about King Henry VII and his reign over England. This is a historical fiction TV show, so there will be inaccuracies. If you get offended, don't watch. Like Game of Thrones, this show has power struggles, horrific death scenes, and Natalie Dormer.


Rome is about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. It only lasted for 22 episodes because it was insanely expensive to make but you see everything you need to see. But at the same time, it feels unfinished. It has an interesting story and you will get a Game of Thrones feeling watch it. It also portrays the culture of Rome well.

Black Sails

Black Sails is the prequel to Treasure Island. It's full of crazy storylines and is basically the pirates version of Game of Thrones. It tells of the pirating Captain Flint fighting to maintain control of his island which is filled with prostitutes, thieves, and enemy pirates.


This show is pre-biblical and is about the gladiator Spartacus. He led a slave uprising in Ancient Rome. Just like GoT, this show has all the violence, sex, and betrayal that anyone can handle.

Boardwalk Empire

Period drama set during Prohibition time. Show focuses on Enoch "Nucky" Thompson who is a bootlegger and his rise to power. Thought-provoking and violent, it was considered a severely underrated show for the time that it ran on television.

The Bastard Executioner

Sad this only lasted for one season. It had so much potential. If you loved Game of thrones, you will definitely love this show. It has authentic sword fighting, witches, a nice queen, historic elements, and of course a badass executioner.

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  • I LOVE penny dreadful


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  • Yasss. Much needed. The Borgias=awesome, so beautiful on the eyes. And Sons of Anarchy is great too. OMG, haha, and uhm that new show set in Cali about the crime family who take in the high school cousin because his mom over dosed... so good. (the pilot was da bomb)

    I really want to get into Boardwalk Empire and mayyybe Vikings.


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  • Awesome Mytake! What do you think about American Horror Story?

    • Never seen it but I am considering watching it.

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    • Did you ever watch True Blood? I tried it and couldnt get in it

    • AHS is very typical Ryan Murphy. LGBT topics still very much an important topic in AHS as it is in Glee

  • Vikings is better than Game of Thrones. If it had the same budget, it'll be even more of an incredible show.
    I can't wait for it to come back in November :P

    Black Sails is absolutely amazing too. With every season that comes out, it gets even better.

    • About a month ago I looked up the return date for Vikings and the best I got was around the fall season, I looked it up a few days ago and I realized it's November 30. Which is basically December and thats basically winter. This wait will be brutal.

    • Yeah, they released a small trailer I believe.
      I was expecting it to return in September. With the current date, it means the season will end in January, so I doubt the next season will begin on February like in the previous years :/
      So they'll probably start the next season on summer, like with the 7th season of Game of Thrones.

  • Vikings will awesome, can't wait for the 10 last episodes of season 4 that will be back on November 30th!

    I watched Rome, I liked it, too bad it didn't continue.

    Black Sails is really good too, but I recommend people to be patient during the first season because it has almost no action. I think that season 2 was better and the 3rd was the best one so far. The show really improved.

  • Daredevil doesn't have sex scenes, but it has graphic violence. I'm also looking forward for The Punisher series, Luke Cage (which is coming soon), and The Defenders. R-Rated Marvel is going to kick ass with these shows.

    • Dude I love the fight scene where he rescues the boy in the second episode.

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    • @PT1911 Ah, I thought you started it. I've mentioned Daredevil to several people I know and they either have no idea what series that is or know but haven't seen it. Shocks me every time.

    • just started watching it*

  • The mere fact you put boardwalk empire makes you awesome! Also, the man in the high castle season 2 is coming out soon

    • I considered putting man in the high castle on here because my parents, brother in law, and sister also watch game of thrones and they love it. I don't know if it's like game of thrones but I will be a my take about awesome tv shows in general and I will put it on there.

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    • Next time try some of them. They just short circuit. It's like watching a chimp trying to do calculus πŸ˜‚... It's not so much I want to be right so much as I like making people who deserve it look stupid... Am I sadistic for taking pleasure in watching dumb people suffer and drown in their own stupidity?

    • No I think it's hilarious

  • Very interesting tv shows, my favorites here are: Spartacus, Black Sails, Penny Dreadful and Vikings.

  • Lots of great picks in there

  • Ash vs The Evil Dead, Godd*mnit!


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