Reviewing The "New" MacGyver

Reviewing The


I knew I was going to do this when I found out it was being made. I have very high hopes for this show! FYI I'm writing this as I watch MacGyver. I'll be writing summaries every ten minutes or so. Here we go...

The First Ten,

Reviewing The "New" MacGyver

Mac is introduced as a Bond type spy. Which is a stretch considering the original was more of an Annoying Do-Gooder type, with connections, than a spy. But I'll let that go for now. He says his full name and what he's been doing up to this point. Kinda bummed about that. Fans will remember how big a deal it was when they finally revealed it! (This generation should earn it too!) Still we all know it so no use hiding it, moving on.

Okay, it's looking more like a Spy Team show. Jack Dalton is not the lovable Get-Rich-Quick guy he used to be now he's a Navy Seal and is a permanent team member(?). A Director of Operations at the Department Of External Services (Where they work and it's more secret than the any other agency.) named Patricia Thornton (not Pete) and a Hacker girl (wasn't listening) who looks like she has a friends with benefits deal with Mac. They're all trying to steal/recover a Virus canister.

The Second Ten,

Reviewing The "New" MacGyver

Macgyver seems to have no problem punching and killing now! He just destroyed a boat full of bad guys. They get back to the Van in one piece when the Mission gets blown and his people get shot along with himself. Cut scene: 3 months later and Mac jogging up a hill. Still haunted by Niki's (that was the Hacker's name) death. He comes home to the classic missile on his lawn picks it up and asks his roommate about it. (He has a roommate named Willy, WTF... and no Houseboat either!)

Reviewing The "New" MacGyver

Pete-rishia crashes his vacation for a new assignment that has to do with the last one. But now they need a new Hacker to get the info from the last Hacker's hard drive... off to Jail. I always wanted to know why, in TV and Movies, they recruit the Hacker that got caught instead of the one that didn't?? Riley seems to have a past with Jack and she hates him now, but not the way you think.

The Third Ten,

Jack and Miss Thornton also have a past, in the way that you're thinking too. (Bad thought: Can you imagine the old Jack and Pete going at it? *puking sounds*) We find out the Bad guy that shot and killed Niki is in San Francisco thanks to the new Hacker. After some arguing about who gets to go, they head to the birth place of Rice-A-Roni. Walking around looking for the baddie when HOLD ON... Niki's alive! (Saw it coming)Reviewing The "New" MacGyver

Mac picked her out of the crowd she saw him and ran. Turns out Niki is working with the Baddie. A scuffle and an interrogation later the team is off to the airport to stop Niki from leaving with the Virus Container. Catching and convincing Niki to help stop the virus after getting some answers for Mac's broken heart. They find out it's been sold already and some Asian guys want to set it off in San Francisco (Niki's Alias was a reference to the target city).

The Last Thirteen,Reviewing The "New" MacGyver

Cut to a Speeding Van that take down a gate but Mac jumps out of to RUN down the plane. The Van could've grounded it by speeding next to it. But No, Mac has to run it down and jump on the landing gear. And he's afraid of heights but has the ability to focus on cutting a wire to force the plane to land. Oh, Jack Can fly! It's a little helicopter but it's not the size that matters, right?

Mac jumps (Again afraid of heights) onto a moving army truck that has a bomb with the virus at it's core. Mac tries to defuse the bomb but all the wires are the same color. He cuts the wrong one and the countdown starts. Bad guy comes to check on the noise in back, fights with Macgyver, gets knocked out by Mac with a gun Jack drops from the hovering Chopper.Reviewing The "New" MacGyver

Back to the bomb.. Can't disarm...Grab the Virus out of there. (Why not do that to start with?) Can't jump from the truck or he might crack the container. Time to make a parachute with the truck canopy and sail away with the virus loosely tucked in his jacket. Awe Mac Saves the day after letting the two bad guys blow up with the bomb they didn't know was armed.

Reviewing The "New" MacGyver

Cut scene: Mac is burning all his pictures of Niki and Him. Team shows up for Beer Thirty and the Boss butts in to tell them that Thanks to Niki the DXS is no more so they have to fold up shop and rename the department. Patricia said they could pick the new name. Jack rambles off some funny names while Mac twirls around a bird medallion that he got on mission in Cairo (They keep pitching that as a future sub-plot) and spits out Phoenix. Then adds Foundation after everyone approved.

Mac and team smiling while the camera pans to the Frisco skyline. *City Saved Moment* cut to Niki being escorted to jail when they drive under a dark tunnel she escapes. Rather than stop the convoy the one agent looks at the picked cuffs, the empty seat and the hair clip on the floor before a final fade to black.

My Final Thoughts:

It may work for a generation who have never seen and would think the old Macgyver is cheesy, but not for me. It's missing that cheeky/innocent banter. It's missing the nerd like lone wolf feel that the original had. It makes Macgyver into a spy like Bond or Bourne which he never was. He had some moments but come on Murdoc was the only guy who he ever accidentally let die but never really died. (Prediction: Niki will become Murdoc like as the show progresses.)

No Richard Dean Anderson. That was my only condition to giving this more than one chance. It had to have the original show up and say a few lines. It failed. So I will not be watching this Macgyver anymore. It sounds petty but if Hollywood wants to continue to mess with my childhood it *must* pay tribute to the original incarnations!

Overall: Not Impressed.Reviewing The "New" MacGyver

Well those are my thoughts anyways. What are your thoughts? Did you like it? Did I not rant enough?

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  • Old Macgyver was entertaining, I'm not so sure about the new one.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's a disappointment in comparison to the original. I only watch because of the "sweet" latin girl;P I think it would have been ok.. if it had a different name as it wouldn't be compared to the original.


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  • From what I've heard, Richard Dean Anderson isn't too impressed with it either.

  • The kid who plays mcgyver looks like the biggest tool. It could've been good, too

  • Okay, it looks like I'll never watch Macgyver

  • I caught 10 minutes of it one night and I cringed.


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