4 of the Creepiest Animation Characters Ever

#4--HIM, The Power Puff Girls

Seriously, who thought that taking three cute and innocent things like ballerinas, lobsters, and hermaphrodites and putting them all together to make something truly terrifying was a good idea?! AND for a children's show?! To top it all off, he(or she?) speaks in a lazy falsetto with reverse reverb that is nightmare fuel for children and possibly adults.

4 of the Creepiest Animation Characters Ever

#3--Hexxus, Fern Gully, the Last Rainforest

Voiced by the legendary Tim Curry, who sings the song Toxic Love in the film, Hexxus is the pure spirit of pollution and destruction. He has a sexual fetish associated with exhaust fumes and pipes, and sludge, and acid. The pitch of his voice goes up and down throughout the movie, and seems particularly scary when he is being overpowered by magical vines, when the pitch is monstrously low and he's growling.

4 of the Creepiest Animation Characters Ever

#2--The Great Owl, Secret Of NIMH

Ms Brisby has no choice but to see the great owl about a means to move her families home before the farmers tractor destroys it. His nest is littered with bones and cobwebs, his eyes glow yellow and his voice is just plain creepy.

4 of the Creepiest Animation Characters Ever

#1--Salad Fingers

Does a popular YouTube video count as a cartoon? Of course it bloody does! Salad fingers is a radiative-mutated being with multiple personalities, severe delusions, a fetish for rust and stinging nettles and hearing his voice from a real-life being would give you instant PTSD. David Firth has made many cartoons that are incredibly creepy, this own is just the most well known.

4 of the Creepiest Animation Characters Ever

TANK YOU ALL FOR READING :). Please share your opinions and perhaps some honorable mentions as well!


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