3 Great Songs In Older Children's Movies

Once Upon a Time In New York, 1988, by Huey Lewis and the News

Very touching, can possibly make you smile or weep, and about as 80s as it gets. Plus two 80s stars, including Billy Joel, voice characters. BRILLIANT!

If We Hold On Together, The Land Before Time, 1988, by Diana Ross

The song spiritualized the journey of Little Foot, Cera, Spike, Pitri, and Ducky. The songs melody is written off the theme of TLBT that is used throughout the series of movies. My favorite lyrics are "Valley mountain/there is a fountain/washes our tears all away. Words are swaying, someone is praying/please let us come home to stay." I've hardly ever heard lyrics this good, period. Perfect for one of my favorite childhood movies.

Toxic Love, Fern Gully, the Last Rainforest, 1992, by Tim Curry

In the movie that brought environmental destruction to the newer generation, and one of my fav's,...Tim Curry voiced the demonic spirit of destruction and pollution that was locked in an enchanted tree until the Leveler chopped it, releasing...Hexxus.

The pitch of his voice hoes up and down for the sake of sheer terror, but one of my favorite parts is the song he sings right after he's released. He then falls in love with the machine, believing it is the perfect weapon to destroy the forest and exact his revenge on the fairies. He emphasizes this in the lyrics, "What a beautiful machine they have provided/the slice a path of doom with my sweet breath to guide it." The uncut version of the song contains things like"I feel good a special kind of horny." quite obvious why that was cut out. Tim Curry also sang the original Sweet Transvestite in his first ever official movie, Rocky Horror Picture Show...where he dresses in--wait for it...wait for it...


Please share your opinions and spread this around and tell me some of your favorite songs from older kids movies.


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  • Holy crap, Oliver and Company!

    That was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I remember just being blown away when I saw it in the theaters. Makes me want to watch it again... I wonder if it's on Netflix...

  • Toxic Love is a great song