Altered Life Plans: Never Give Up, Always Have Plan B

It was never my plan to drop out of high school and have a child at 17. I was going to go to one of the best private music colleges in the US. Sometimes we are forced to make choices based on choices we have made. So my life plan changed. College was put on hold and life began. That was in 1988. I have never had regrets about raising a family early in life. It brought me a child, and now beautiful grandchildren to enjoy at a young age.

Altered Life Plans: Never Give Up, Always Have Plan B

However, as time has marched on these last few years, I put myself back on my life plan. Finish school and pursue music. In 2011, I entered a private university to complete my BS Degree in Administration, which I completed in 2014. I further entered a Master's Program in 2014 and I am very close to completion of this dual Master's Degree in Human Resource Management/Leadership and Management.

Still singing, still dreaming, still moving forward. This is simply being written to help those that feel they have strayed from a goal, or can't quite get back on track. Just remember: Age doesn't matter. Motivation keeps you going, and determination and will power keep you on track. When We Were Young- My latest project. College was Plan B and music is the dream I have never given up. If I can do it~ you can do it too. Stay focused, stay positive, and live the dream......................Altered Life Plans: Never Give Up, Always Have Plan B

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  • That is good that your still moving forward and pursuing your dreams and accomplishing your goals.


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