6 Reasons the Montreal Canadiens Are Stanley Cup Competitors

6 Reasons the Montreal Canadiens Are Stanley Cup Competitors

#1 Carey freakin' Price

WOW. Best goalie in the league, maybe the best of all time if he keeps this up. If he plays like we know he can, he will lead this team to a Cup eventually!

#2 Weber for Norris

When Subban was traded everyone went ballistic. Fans were tweeting nasty nasty things to Marc Bergevin. But boy did it pay off; Weber is leading the league in points by a defenseman and has delivered solid defensive play. BIG win for Les Habitons.

#3 Radulov re-emerges

The Russian forward who was known for being lazy and probably a bust, left Nashville for the K. Played fantastic, smartened up, matured, and came back a solid 1st liner! His play has been outstanding and of he keeps it up could get 60+ points. Now that would be an upgrade on scoring!

6 Reasons the Montreal Canadiens Are Stanley Cup Competitors

#4 The Gally's

Gallagher is off with a bang, playing great with roommate Alex Galchenyuk. Who so far this season has been a staple at the first line center position for the Habs! Something they haven't had for a while.

#5 Other additions and improvements

Andrew Shaw is playing pretty well, slotting well on the 3rd line with Desharnais and Byron most nights. Speaking of which, Byron has been in fire! Also, the young Swedish forward Lethkonen has been solid so far as well and Al Montoya is finally the solid backup price has needed for some time. Petry has been great, and Emelin, Beaulieu and Pateryn are helping in the defense since Markov isn't the man he once was.

All together this team is off to a hot start and as long as they have no big injuries, there is no reason they can't be scary to other playoff teams!


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  • Hmm, isn't it the case last season that not a single team from Canada made the playoffs...


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