7 Sports That Should be Bigger in the U.S.

I know we have sports like football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, college sports, golf, tennis, and NASCAR, but since there are other big sports around the world, I'd figure I'd list some sports that could be bigger and more commercialized in the US.

1. Cricket

In the US, there could be a domestic Twenty20 Cricket league called the "American Premier League". The International competitions, Cricket World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, and World Twenty20 would have extensive coverage in the US. The US national Cricket team would have a test match against several other national Cricket teams, such as England, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, and West Indies.

2. Rugby Union

In the US, Rugby Union would be included as a sport in the NCAA. There would be a domestic club league called "Major League Rugby". Competitions such as the Six Nations Championship, The Rugby Championship, Americas Rugby Championship, and of course, the Rugby World Cup would have coverage in the US, as well as other domestic rugby union leagues and competitions. Rugby Sevens would also have coverage.

3. Rugby League

While Europe has the Super League and Australia has the National Rugby League, North America would have the "American Rugby League". Different teams in the league would also partake in the World Club Series. The Rugby League World Cup would also have more coverage, and the US national team would be part of the Rugby League Four Nations.

4. Track & Field

Athletics would have as much popularity as Golf and Tennis in the States. Competitions like the World Championships, World Indoor Championships, Continental Cup, Diamond League, World Challenge Meetings, and World Indoor Tour would have extensive coverage.

5. Road Cycling

Just like Track & Field, Road Cycling could also have as much popularity as tennis. While the Tour De France is fairly popular, the other two Grand Tours, the Giro d'Italia and the Vuelta a EspaƱa would also have more coverage. The rest of the World Tour would also have more coverage, as well as the Road World Championships.

6. Kickboxing

Kickboxing would be kinda like an alternative to Boxing and MMA. There are promotions such as K1 and Glory. It could be more popular if there were more stars. Kickboxing could also have more international popularity just like the other two combat sports.

7. Formula 1 and other Motorsports

Formula 1 could have way more coverage in the States, just like NASCAR. On top of that, other Motorsports like MotoGP, World Rally Championship, World Touring Car Championship, and World Endurance Championship could also have extensive coverage, as well as other prestigious races like the Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


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  • Cricket- no comment

    Rugby union/league- rugby is an NCAA sport already. Outside of that, no comment

    Track/field- it's already big... or at least enough so that we pretty much dominate the olympics. The main problem is there's no American pro circuit, although they're trying to develop 1

    Cycling- the problem is the doping shit that goes on, the ridiculous scoring systems and the fact that they take way too long

    Kickboxing- it's actually a pretty dope sport, although I feel at this point, you might just switch to mma/UFC

    F1 and other motor sports- I just don't like motosports, personally outside of rallycross, but sure


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  • With the big Irish American population I am surprised that Gaelic Football and Hurling are not more popular in the US

    • Yeah, but like AFL, Gaelic Football and Hurling are national sports. The ones I mentioned are played internationally (though some have domestic leagues).

  • What about Australian rules football? (AFL)

    It's often a more exciting game than rugby.

  • I kind of think Ice Hockey is still underrated when compared to other American Sports. I will admit rugby is tough and the players should get more credit for what they do also.
    Love Top Gear (The original UK with the original presenters)