Flashback to the 80s: The Gaming War, Sega v. Nintendo v. PS4


The Nintendo is back. And for less of the price from back in the day.

And a huge game changer...Nintendo Switch:

So far Nintendo 2 - everyone else...

Now you got the Sega"

Now the difference is Nintendo probably has more games than Sega but not the games people wanted...

And now you got PlayStation 4:

Looks like the gaming wars are back for today's generation.

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  • Well, console wars have been in existence as long as there have been multiple platforms for gaming. :)

    The first round didn't even involve Nintendo, as Atari, Intellivision, and Colecovision sort of duked it out for a few years. When the NES arrived it didn't really have any competition, as it was head-and-shoulders above anything we'd seen before, and Sega wasn't really on the scene yet.

    The first epic platform clash was SNES vs. Genesis. That was huge for the early '90s. Then Atari made a misstep with the Jaguar and Sega slipped a bit with the Mega Drive and Saturn (both had staunch supporters but weren't massive commercial hits), and other companies started trying their hand at consoles, like Panasonic with the 3DO.

    Sony came around with the original PlayStation, right around the same time Nintendo launched N64, and that sparked a whole new war, and then Microsoft came in with the Xbox. Sega tried to keep pace with the Dreamcast but the timing was bad and basically, the PS2 killed it and put Sega out of the hardware manufacturing game for good.

    After that, Nintendo sort of stuck to their guns and continued to market to kids (and, with the arrival of the Wii, to non-gamers), which really has allowed them to stick around, as they're just not going to compete with the PlayStation and Xbox brands for adults. Not in terms of sheer power and potential; they need a gimmick, ala the Switch.

    And of course, there's always the PC side that continually claims superiority, so the war is basically endless. ;)