5 of the Best Movies About Pregnancy

Un Heureux Evenement

Barbara and Nicolas spin the perfect love. But there is one thing missing to their happiness: a child. One day, Barbara becomes pregnant and the birth of a baby girl will trouble her relationship with Nicolas and his family.

Nine Months

Child psychologist Samuel Faulkner has an ideal romance with ballet teacher Rebecca Taylor. Rebecca is thinking about marriage and children. Samuel is against the idea of marriage as he is happy with how things are between them. This all changes when Rebecca declares she is pregnant and when questioned by Samuel about her birth control she replies birth control is only 97% of the time effective.


Sixteen-year-old Minnesota high-schooler Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) discovers she is pregnant by her friend and longtime admirer, Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera). She initially considers an abortion. Going to a local clinic run by a women's group, she encounters a schoolmate outside who is holding a one-person protest for pro-life vigil. Once inside, however, a variety of factors lead Juno to leave.

Knocked up

Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl) is a career-minded woman who has just been given an on-air role with E! and is living in the pool house with her sister Debbie's (Leslie Mann) family. Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) is laid-back and sardonic. He lives off funds received in compensation for an injury and sporadically works on a celebrity porn website with his roommates (Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Jason Segel and Martin Starr), in between smoking marijuana or going off with them at theme parks such as Knott's Berry Farm.

While celebrating her promotion, Alison meets Ben at a local nightclub. After a night of drinking, they end up having sex. Due to a misunderstanding, they don't use protection: Alison uses the phrase "Just do it already" to encourage Ben to put the condom on, but he misinterprets this to mean to dispense with using one.



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  • The only one I have seen is "Junior" and that was very funny

  • Always thought that Juno was a great interpretation on the current condition


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  • knocked up was funny, haven't seen any of the others

  • "This is my miracle! This is my MOMENT!" -- Joan Cusack in 9 Months