Why I'm Excited For the Nintendo Switch

Why I'm Excited For the Nintendo Switch

NIntendo Switch is Nintendo 's next generation home console/ handheld hybrid. Essentially it's a home console that you can take on the go that comes with 2 detachable controllers. There are a lot we still don't know, like specs, price and launch line up, but there are a lot of things that get me hyped for this system!

Why I'm Excited For the Nintendo Switch

1. The fact that you can be taking the home console experience on the go is a huge reason why I am hyped. Just imagine you're sitting on a bus or in a car and you can whip out your NS and play Mario or Zelda to keep you or your kids entertained. I can even take it to a midnight release and play Smash or Mario Kart while I am waiting in line.

2. Wii U ports are another reason why I am hyped (part of this is just rumor). If a person skipped the Wii U, they are covered because Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, and Smash 4 will be on there. I am also expecting more of them later on. Great way to catch up, or if you love these titles no worries because additional content is included. Also, I am hearing that they will have a possible trade-up program (for owners of the original version of the game).

3. The new Nintendo first party games that will be coming to NS. Like TLoZ Breath of The Wild, new 3D Mario, and all the other wonderful Nintendo 1st part games. The fact that it's a handheld might lead to former handheld games being on the system like Pokémon and Ace Attorney. So many possibilities.

Honorable Mentions: it's bringing back cartridges and the Pro Controller is a option for all games.


1. Price

2. Durability of detachable controllers

3. Battery life

What are your thoughts?


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  • January 12th... ooo yay! :) Thanks for letting me know. I want a pink one lol


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  • They're actually not "bringing back cartridges," as the games will come on basically the same tiny cartridges used for the 3DS or Vita.

    I really like the idea of the Switch but only if they actually have GAMES. Nintendo consoles are notorious for having loads of crap-ass shovelware but very few really quality titles in any given year, and that has to change this time around. If you can't show me at least a half-dozen games I'd want to play after the thing launches, I'm not interested.

    As for the portable part, I don't care at all. The last thing I ever want to do when I'm outside the house is stare at a screen. :P

    • To the home console Sude of gaming, because this is a hybrid console duh.

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    • Let's hope they bring the games , what games do you want to see.

    • Anything good. Anything that's not only designed for nine-year-olds, and anything that actually shows evidence of some first-party greatness. And maybe Nintendo could get off their asses and create a NEW mascot after three decades of the exact same ones (Mario, Samus, Zelda). :P

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What Girls Said 2

  • thats goodd

  • Playing the same games on the go that you play at home? I'm in. This looks like so much fun, especially if they have Mario Kart, Zelda, Splatoon, etc at launch or soon after. I'm hoping for an updated RE4 as well.

    • I know Capcom is a known developer also a potential Pokémon main game on tre way.

    • EA, Activision, Ubisoft, and Bethesda are also on board.

What Guys Said 5

  • Nintendo will always have a special place in my heart because I essentially grew up with it.

    However, I have lost all interest in Nintendo products because I'm a graphics whore and their consoles are always under powered and their games are more geared towards kids. On top of that, they rely on too many gimmicks, which I'm not a fan of.

    I traded in my PS4 for the PS4 Pro so I have no interest in the Switch.

    • I lknown plenty of adults that enjoy them (growing up doesn't mean you have to stop liking Nintendo games) , kids can't beat donkey kong country, Bayonetta, nor the legend of Zelda (a lot of kids are on PlayStation and Xbox and use the twisted ass logic you try to past ). if your a graphics whore like you claim why aren't you on PC. have you ever thought of owning more than one system. I own a PS4 (for 3rd party games , planning on picking up a pro late next year) and I own a Wii I (for Nintendo exclusives. The beauty of the Switch is the main feature is completely optional (you can play the game with the pro controller). Unlike Wii and Wii U there will be no games restricted to the gimmicky motion controls, and Switch wis completely intended a single screen experience only.

    • I don't care for PC's. Yes, PC's will always have better graphics, but I've never viewed a PC as a gaming platform. To me, a PC is for work - something that you do homework and reports on. I grew up on consoles so I will always prefer consoles over PC's (or handhelds for that matter).

      Have I ever thought about owning more than one console? Sure, I have. I use to own multiple consoles at once but I don't anymore because I don't have enough time as I did in the past.

      Bottom line is, people prefer what they like. I will always be a console gamer so I will always choose (the most powerful) console over other forms of gaming.

      My two cents.

  • It's sort of cool but honestly it looks like a fancy tablet. I'm almost on the verge of saying that whatever it's price if it is significantly greater than that of a modern day tablet it's probably too much unless it also happens to function as more than just the game system.

    • That is what other tablets are like iPad , Samsung tablet , and kindles do but the stuff inside them works for multiple functions not a dedicated gaming device I am sure it will have stuff like Netflix.

    • I'm more thinking "If I can buy myself a tablet that does work but also a console that I can use to give to my kids I'll do it!" but if it doesn't do work then I can just buy a cheaper non-console, play free games from the App Stores, and still get more functionality.

      Basically it better someday run MS Office suite or something OR have a great price as more of an accessory.

  • I like that Nintendo do innovative designs and dont follow the average console idea. But I wish they did, I used to love the gamecube and I think they'd smash Microsoft and Sony if they did make one just with good features, cost and I just believe they'd execute it really well

  • I think the Nintendo Switch is what he Nintendo Wii U wanted to be but failed.

  • its so shit that I'm more excited about trump.

    And I like Hillary.

    No ones buying that mate


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