Aka Manto: The Japanese Toilet Demon

Are you in your bathroom while reading this? If so go to one. Why do you ask? No, I am not perverted, but it makes reading the tale much more interesting....

Aka Manto: The Japanese toilet demon

Aka Manto or Red Mantle, Red Vest, or Red Cape (whichever one floats your boat or your toilet), is a cruel spirit that haunts public schools and toilets. There are so many versions of this, but I decided to stick to one urban legend that involves Aka Manto. Aka Manto: The Japanese Toilet Demon

Aka Manto as a human: Before Aka Manto became a violent spirit or demon, or what have you not, he was, how do I put it, a hot guy in life. Aka Manto: The Japanese Toilet Demon

Well no, that is Tetsuji Tamayama, but you get my point. As a human, he had lots of women who admired him. Do me a favor and walk to the last stall of a public bathroom before reading the next part....Aka Manto: The Japanese Toilet Demon

According to the urban legend, when a person is in the bathroom, most of the time the last stall, a creepy voice will ask them if they want red paper or blue paper. Choose red, you will be cut until your clothes are stained with blood. Choose blue, and you will be choked to death. Aka Manto: The Japanese Toilet Demon

Feeling Smart? Try to outsmart it, and you will be dragged to the Underworld. Say yellow, and the demon will shove your face in the toilet, but you will live. Say no paper, and he will leave.


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  • The demon looks like a creepy old man in makeup.


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  • great

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