5 Foreign songs that are guaranteed to get you moving

These are songs from around the world, that I guarantee will get you moving!

1. Gia by Despina Vandi: There is an English version of the song here

5 Foreign songs that are guaranteed to get you moving

Ok so Despina Vandi is a Greek singer, she was born in Germany. I really love her voice it is very soothing. She is a judge on the Voice(Greek), but I am not sure if she is on there now.

2. Jambi by Despina Vandi:

3. Casablanca by Alabina: This a group from France, consisting of the Spanish speaking gypsies Los Ninos de Sara, and the Israeli singer Ishtar. The song is in Arabic sung by Ishtar and Spanish, sung by the gypsies

4. Yabn El Halal by Haifa Wehbe: She is a Lebanese singer

5. Arabic reggaetone remix by Tres Mundos: The remix is based off the original Arabic song by Abdel Kder

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  • Nice list. I like them all except the second one, wasn't much near my taste.
    The first song is a beast!


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