Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends

Imaginary friends
Let's pretend that things are good
Going perfect
Let's pretend that i am feeling alright
I only wish I could
Be perfect

Let's pretend that we are happy
When we know that nothing is going right
I'm trying to be happy
I'm trying to pretend
That my heart was never broken in the first place

Let's pretend I was never betrayed
Let's pretend that everything is ok
Imaginary hearts

Let's pretend that they were never broken
Imaginary happiness

Let's pretend that we were never abused
Never abused
Can we have a tea party?
With my friends and I?

Can we please put on a imaginary smile?
Lets pretend we never cried
And our hearts never died
Let's pretend that we were not played for fools

Smile for the camera
Everything is perfect now
I imagine all the laughter
I'll pretend you didn't break my heart
I'll pretend we lived happily ever after and I'll pretend you never broke my heart

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