I have Friends in high places: Part 1

When I was a baby sitter I met a strange child, she did not eat much sugar and she was never loud.

Loud and sugar, that's normal right?

So we got along pretty well and she was very smart for her age, she even could memorize hard math problems. So one day she tells me she has a problem with a bully at her school.I have Friends in high places: Part 1

So I asked her if she told her parents. She replied that she can't, not yet. I asked her why. Turning to me she gave me a blank stare and said she will explain to me at 3pm when I come to babysit her.

So I turn on the news and I see a report of a student that died in his classroom, as I peered closer to the screen I could make out the letters of the elementary school name, this was the same exact school that the bright young girl I baby sat went to. According to the news report, the only evidence that they found, was a balled up piece of paper with words on it.I have Friends in high places: Part 1

I asked the little girl if she was alright once her parents left for me to watch her. She said everything was fine and asked me for a piece of paper. She was smiling and laughing as she wrote. Which was unusual because I had never seen her so childlike before. Suddenly, she balled up the piece of paper.

I asked her if there was something wrong. She just shrugged and said it was fine.

"Can I have another sheet of paper?" she asked.

"Sure did you mess up?" I asked. She looked up at me with her bold staring eyes.

"No," she said simply.I have Friends in high places: Part 1


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