I have Friends in High Places: Part 2

"My school has a poetry contest coming up," the little girl said.

"Oh that's great so do you plan on entering?" I asked. She twisted her lip and shook her head.

"No, I only had one poem but I don't think it's good enough to enter," she said.

"Can I see it?" I asked bending on my knees onto the carpet by the table. She snatched the paper away from me. "No!" she snapped. Taken aback, my hands stiffened. As mature for her age that she was, I had never seen her react that way.I have Friends in High Places: Part 2

She went to nap in the same place on the bed in my spare room. I went to straighten up the living room when I saw a poem written with her name on it.I have Friends in High Places: Part 2

It was a pretty long poem for a girl her age, but not too long that it would take me to read it. The poem was called, I have friends in high places:

I have friends in high places.

Above the playground, I like to tell them secrets, when no one is around.

I have a friend who cries a lot, spaghetti makes her sick. And when she looks in the mirror, a fog grows around her thick.

I have friends that want to hug me. Friends that love me. I have friends who hate me, and friends who would kill for me.

I have friends with knives, friends with guns. I even have friends, who kill, just for fun.

I have friends who walk, friends who run. I have friends with feelings, and friends who are numb.

But my biggest secret is that those who live a lie, will regret the day that they watched me die.

The best part of having secrets in your head, is being taken care of by a babysitter, who does not know

That I am dead.

I dropped the piece of paper and began panting. Rushing to the door, I turned the knob with all my might. I gasped once the door did not budge.I have Friends in High Places: Part 2

Ok don't panic, its just a poem, from a little girl. Its not real, Im just being silly. I twisted my body slowly and walked towards my room. The little girl was sleeping just as quiet and sound as ever. I sunk my body into the couch.

Geez I get spooked easily! I don't even watch scary movies. Soon, it would be time to wake her up. I made a cup of hot chocolate and watched the neighbors struggle to haul their Christmas tree inside their house.I have Friends in High Places: Part 2

It was almost time to wake her up, so I looked at the entrance of the room, and she was no longer on the bed. In fact, I could not see her in the room at all. I dashed towards the door and unlocked it. I pulled the door open to freedom, but it was sealed shut. I rushed to large living room windows and unlocked the seal.

I cut my wrist in an attempt to lift the doors, but they seemed to be sealed shut. What the fuck is going on! I banged and I banged against the door. The neighbors who I laughed at while attempting to put up their Christmas tree, were my only hope now.

"Help me! Somebody help me!" I cried, my hands pressed against the glass. Then I heard her voice.

"What's wrong?" she asked. I turned around to see the little girl with round onyx black eyes.I have Friends in High Places: Part 2

Part 3 is coming soon...


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