4 Reasons You Should Watch 'Z Nation'

There are a lot of people who watch 'The Walking Dead' and think it is better than 'Z Nation.' In ways it is better - the special effects in 'Z Nation' are laughable at times, the storyline can be weak - but here are 4 reasons you should give it a try.

4 Reasons to Watch 'Z Nation'

1. Anything Goes

This show does not take itself seriously at all. They even make reference to this in the season 3 finale when one character says "it's the apocalypse - none of this makes any sense."

With some of the stuff in the show you have to wonder what drugs the writers are on. Here are some of the zany things you will see on this show:

-a talking head in a box

4 Reasons You Should Watch 'Z Nation'

-zombie weed

-a hoard of zombies running into the Grand Canyon like they were lemmings

-french kissing zombie strippers

4 Reasons You Should Watch 'Z Nation'

-a zombie George R.R. Martin signing books

4 Reasons You Should Watch 'Z Nation'

-zombie cheese wheel

By far the weirdest episode ends with one of the main characters running away in just his boxer shorts and a pink night-gown, stealing a bicycle from a zombie (yeah, a zombie was on a bicycle - he wasn't very good at it though as he got stuck in a tree), and making his escape on bicycle.

2. Different Kinds of Zombies


4 Reasons You Should Watch 'Z Nation'

-blasters (i.e. radioactive zombies)

4 Reasons You Should Watch 'Z Nation'

-zombie baby

4 Reasons You Should Watch 'Z Nation'4 Reasons You Should Watch 'Z Nation'


4 Reasons You Should Watch 'Z Nation'

-zombie aliens (...ok, so that one turned out to be a hoax)

-bedazzled zombies

...Did I mention that anything goes?

3. Fight Scenes

4. Murphy

He is the main character of the show. An ex-convict who is the only known survivor of a zombie bite who did not himself turn into a zombie - his blood contains antibodies that are mankind's last and best hope for a vaccine. He is humanity's last hope for survival - and doesn't he know it. In one episode he proclaims himself as the messiah and savior of the human race.

4 Reasons You Should Watch 'Z Nation'

However, Murphy is selfish and only cares about his own survival. In season 3 he turns his back on humanity and creates his own race/species. You see, he has special powers: he can control zombies and he can also control humans if he exposes them to his saliva or blood - it's the latter that are referred to as blends. All of this makes Murphy an interesting character to watch.

I await comments from TWD fans.


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  • I am The Walking Dead fan.

    You know, i like this take, but you just made me to lose my interest on this show even thousand times stronger, i did not even know about the show up until now but you just mentioned "They don't take themselves seriously" and you are performing examples. That's a reason for me to not watch it. The walkers are not a joke. Probably you are among the people who believe this is just a fiction. You can believe whatever you want. But this zombie chaos can happen. You must explore science more. And i don't want to watch the show who is almost taking it as a fun. However, the number 3 is very interesting.

    The Walking Dead is the analyze of human biology, psychology, the growth of personalities, the observation of people's reaction in fear, stress and the worst shocking conditions. An outlook on hope, strength, fighting spirit, loyalty, love, passion and sticking to each other. A definition of family, making decisions and survival. It's a comparison between human nature, science, religion and the development of the mind. A good image of how you must make the most brutal actions in order to stay alive, a good capture of how humans are the most dangerous creatures even more dangerous than half-dead bodies. And the list goes on.

    • To be fair, I haven't watched much of TWD. I started going through the first season yesterday. The special effects are indeed better, there's more atmosphere to it, and it's actually scary. Z Nation zombies are laughable but in TWD they actually look creepy.

      There seems to be more character development in TWD but there doesn't seem to be as much of a story to it rather than surviving day to day. At least in Z Nation we know what caused the zombie apocalypse and what they intend to do to save humanity.

      Overall though, you can think of Z Nation as more of a parody, kind of like the movie Shawn of the Dead.

    • Now it make sense more! i mean if when i decide to watch the show, now i know what to expect, however, i gotta tell, you just mentioned one of my expectations out of the Walking Dead, because for a long time, the story of walking dead is separated from what caused the apocalypse. Is there political issue? is there a scientific mistake? is there any purpose behind it or if it's been an accident? the show is mainly focused on survival, but it would be more awesome if they show more of scientific reasoning and bring politics into it more , because there is no way such an incident happens and politics not get into it. So the fact that Z nation has the reasons up front, to me is a plus point.

  • I watched season 1 and I liked it, still waiting for second season.


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