Top 10 Best Final Fantasy Songs Ever

This a countdown list to my top 10 songs from the Final Fantasy game series.

Top 10 Best Final Fantasy Songs Ever

10. Trance Kuja FF9

One of the very last final bosses in the Final Fantasy 9 game. This song has earned this spot because it has an epic darkness down beat melody to it. To go along with an amazing intro beat in the beginning of the song you would hear at vampire funeral and the instinct classic Fantasy catchy heart beating tune you hear when you know you're in a difficult battle.

9. FFX-2 1,000 Words

The song sung by Yuna and Lenne into video of the Final Fantasy X Sequel game. A very nice beautiful voice duet song talking about the hardships about her love life with Tidus who went away from Spira cause he was just kept from a dream and talking about how how its not over searching for him.

8. Cid's theme song

Also called Rocket Town. Cid has been a recurring character in many Final Fantasy video game series, but he is most definitely praised in the FF7 game. A song that hits right in the feels when you get to find out about Cid's dark past with building different vehicles for Shinra the evil corporation dominating the whole world just so he could get money funding for his space program to go into outer space. The song plays a very well sad yet somewhat uplifting hopeful melody at the same time. Only to find out that Shinra does not keep their end of the deal towards Cid.

7. FF7 You Can Hear the Cries of This Planet

This song starts playing when you look for Areith or Aries as some call her as she is missing. The intensity only builds up after not being able to find her for quiet a while. Real fans who have played this game know that her end is coming near. As it is possibly the saddest death in Final Fantasy history.

6. FFX Prelude

Prelude a song that has played in a couple different Final Fantasy games with different version this one by far is the best one. An uplifting cheery song all the mean while still having a catchy upbeat melody. You know soon the cheerfulness of the song will soon end in these games. True Final Fantasy fans should know what I am taking about.

5. FFX Warping to a Different Dimension

With Yuna being a summoner while it does have some pretty cool privileges to go along with it, such as being able to summon monsters with incredible power to kick other monster's asses and peoples. There are also some really sad negative down sides to it. Such as having to send dead people away to the other world with a certain dance and rod movement. This song was extremely sad yet vocally well done. With hearing the hymn of the faith music playing while seeing glowing spirits float in the air and beautiful flower pedals blowing away in the sunset. Leave it to Final Fantasy to make opera music cool.

4. FFX Other World

This song plays in the intro video of the Final Fantasy game while Tidus's team the Zanarkand Abes are playing in a match up of Blitzball. The song starts playing with really catchy heavy metal music with what seems to be Jecht's voice singing. A real epic song all the mean while hearing a news reporter report this crazy atrocity. This song also plays in the final boss battle against Jecht, Tidus's dad while inside Sin. This song has easily earned number 4.

3. FF7 Those Chosen by the Planet

Also known as Sephiroth's theme song in the Final Fantasy 7 video game. This song also had all the makings to be a final boss song, if they really wanted it to be. An down spine chilling song that played twice once when going into Cloud's flash back and seeing him destroy his hometown Nibelheim and right when you are about to face him in the Northern Cavern.

2. FF8 Liberi Fatali

While Final Fantasy in no doubt had quite a good amount of songs no song could mount to this one. It's also referred to as the intro Final Fantasy 8 song. You couldn't have a more outstanding spine chilling epic song playing while Squall battles Seifer in all battle life or death showdown. Both with their really cool gunblades and seeing the beautiful Rinoa lol. I was really thinking about making this song the number one as it easily could be. This song had a mix of opera, piano, and amazing orchestra.

1. Final Fantasy 7 One Winged Angel

And for number one One Winged Angel. This song plays in the very final boss battle of the game when battling the evil Sephiroth. Another very well orchestrated musical piece by Nobuo Uematsu this epic scary song has opera in it and a very spine chilling vocal group of people singing the song in the background what most seemingly to mistake hearing in the song the words Anima. Even if you don't know the full words to the song it is still fun to make up your own words.

Here are some honorable mentions

FF7 Birth of God, FF7 Countdown, FF7 Stealing the Tiny Bronco, FFX Wandering Flames, FF7 Still more Fighting, FF8 Force your Way, and FF8 The Extreme Ultimecia final boss song.

Do you agree with my list? What are your top 10 favorite Final Fantasy songs?


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  • 1000 words

    ... damn that really took me back to 2006


    • Yeah it was a really good song. It was interesting to see the whole place of Spira how it was after Sin was defeated.

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    • Su Taki dena is an amazing song man this list was so hard to choose. Its very hard to find a Final Fantasy song that isn't good that's what made it so hard, but I loved this song.

  • I love how Final Fantasy XV has all of the Final Fantasy soundtracks on the car radio.

  • Nothing Pre FF7 eh? Am I too old school?

    • Sadly I never played any of the other ones before 7. Didn't all of them not come to U. S. market until 6?

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    • check out my answer

    • Yeah I haven't played trigger but I def have to pay 6 and that.

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