Top 10 Final Fantasy X songs

a mytake of the very best Final Fantasy 10 songs ever.

Top 10 Final Fantasy X songs

10. Contest of Aeons

A song that starts playing when The gang just defeated Jecht and where Yuan has to kill all her Aeons so Yu-Yevon doesn't take them as Final Aeons.

9. Sea of mist

A mysterious and wandering song that plays in the game after being swallowed and spit back up by Sin this is the very first place you arrive and song you here at the Baaj temple. A place you can only go back to with the airship passwords you have to put in.

8. Zanarkand

A song that first plays when you and your whole group of friends sit down by the fire in Zanarkand and in the start menu if you press the start new game when Tidus plays as the narrator and says this is my story.

7. Main battle theme song

The battle theme song you hear while in a normal enemy battle. A similar tone you hear from the previous final fantasy normal battle theme songs rendered with its own version.

6. Challenge

An epic song you get to hear when battling Seymour in one of his forms and against Yunalesca.

5. Wandering Flame

A really sad song you hear when going to Guadosalam and place there called the Farplane. A place where people get to see their loved dead ones in a other world mixed with the real world in some type of time lingo. They get to visually see them through their dead soul like spirit and their body is capture in the Farplane. Probably the saddest song in the whole game.

4. Suteki Da Ne

Possibly one of the most memorable songs in the game. A song that starts playing when Tidus and Yuna are in the Moonflow water and start kissing a cutscene comes up of them making out and dancing through the water. A beautiful Japanese voice starts singing in Japanese.

3. Other World

Final Boss Jecht song and the song that plays in the intro of the game. This song has awesome heavy metal music.

2. Prelude

A song that starts playing in the very beginning of the game when Tidus starts signing auto graphs for his fans and gets ready to play Blitzball.

1. Ending

The song that starts playing in the cut scene after Yuan defeats all her Aeons And everyone from Yuna's hometown starts cheering in praise when they see the giant Sin destroyed and vanish. Truly a sad song yet victories and satisfying to hear.

My father... my father wanted... to make Spira's sorrow go away. Not just cover it up with lies

Honorable mention

Thanks for reading this mytake I hope you enjoyed it.


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  • An awesome game, but what about the piano songs like To Zanarkand?


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