Scenes from video games that hit you right in the feels. {SPOILER ALERT!}

These won't be videos that only make you cry but just make you feel towards what's going on. Also this should be obvious but these videos will show a lot of spoiler alerts for the games I list. If you don't want to be spoiled then avoid watching. Yes, a lot of the scenes I will show are from Nintendo since the games I've played so far have mostly been from Nintendo. Scenes from video games that hit you right in the feels. {SPOILER ALERT!}

These won't be videos that only make you cry but just make you feel towards what's going on. Yes, a lot of the scenes I will show are from Nintendo since the games I've played so far have mostly been from Nintendo. If y'all know of any other scenes that get you right in the feels, please leave them in the comments.

Skyward Sword - Will you come to wake me up?

When Zelda tells link she must go into a sleep to help prolong Demise return, the last things she says to link hits you right in the feels. Not only that but seeing links sad expression of not wanting her to be sealed away also just makes you feel for him.

Since most of y'all probably won't watch the full 12 minutes of the video, skip to 9:16 for the scene I'm talking about.

Final Fantasy XII: Vossler Battle

In most of the game you never think too much about Vossler, but when you have to fight him and defeat him. It's then you understand more about his character and why he did what he did.

Again since it's 12 somethings minutes and how most people on gag tend to be you can skip to 5:07 and watching to 6:05 for the cut scene.

Arc Rise Fantasia: I'm sorry that I caused you trouble

When I played this game, I did not see this coming at all and made me appreciate this character more. Even though the voice acting is not that great in this game, it doesn't take away what's happening in this scene.

To get to the actual cut scene, skip to 1:11

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - Light the Dragonfire

When I saw the ending for the main story line, It really hit me in the feels but it was also epic watching the fight. For me this is one of the biggest reasons why Oblivion is better than Skyrim.

To get to the scene I'm talking about skip to 5:07

Fire Emblem: Awakening - Emmeryn

This was a tough choice between the cutescene with Emmeryn or the one from Fates with the avatars mother in it. In the end to me the one with Emmeryn makes you feel the most and what the characters would be feeling.

The Last of Us: Opening Scene

I've never played this game, but when I watched the Fine Brothers Teens React: Gaming. Seeing just the opening scene to it really hits you and this all happens before the title of the game shows up.

Skip to 13:07 for the scene that really gets to you.

Final Fantasy X - A summoner sacrifice

Seeing this scene you can feel what kind of emotions Tidus was feeling when he hears about the truth.

Those are all the scenes I can think of at the moment and I hope y'all enjoyed it. Also, what are some scenes from a video game that hit you right in the feels?

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  • The PC game Deus Ex had two moments that made me gasp.

    First, I had entered all my usual player details at the start of the game, including my name but since you play a character called JC Denton, I kind of forgot that aspect of it. Way late in the game, I hack a news terminal while I'm in Paris, and I read the warrant for my arrest which the united nations has sent out. It said the warrant was for Agent JC Denton (aka xxxxx xxxxx) with my ACTUAL NAME in the brackets. Freaked me out in a major way.

    Second moment - there's a point in the game where your cyber communications keep getting hacked by someone known as Icarus. The computer network is known as Daedalus. Now, as a player, I thought "Ah, the old greek myth... I bet Icarus is an offshoot of Daedalus, and it's like, an AI or something." I smugly congratulated myself on being ahead of the game and the game designers.

    About an hour later, my character is talking to his tech guy. He mentions the Icarus communications. And then tells the tech guy basically the SAME thing I thought - it is probably an AI offshoot from the comms network. MIND BLOWN.

    But then the Tech guy says, "Or it could be a hacker trying to make you THINK he's an AI."

    MIND DOUBLE BLOWN - I hadn't even considered that possibility.

    I loved that game so much...


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  • This is literally the same list that everyone gives you. Where's The Walking Dead Season 1? L. A Noire? Or any other game that was very emotional. .-.


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  • The list of games & scenes that really got to me are: Max Payne: When Max's wife & child were killed by 3 guys in their own home before he found them covered in blood. Also what really got me was the ending of the game where Max killed all the killer suits before killing Nicole Horne. The background music in the ending there really got to me. Max Payne 2: Where Max gets his revenge on Vlad after what he did to not only him but also Mona & when she dies in his arms. He also had a dream about his original family & that's where it got me again. The final game & scene that almost got me teared up was in Def Jam Fight For NY: When my created character was trying to rescue his lover from a burning building for it blew up right after his fight with Sticky. And finally at the end where he finally fights Crow & kills him just by throwing him out the window. Finally, I nearly cried when him & his friend Blaze made up & when he gave him back his chain after a little dispute in the middle of the game, before they walked away from the building.

  • Those were good but here are some also. I know your not a resident evil fan but if you don't find this sad then you honestly have no soul.

  • I've played Skyward Sword and most of FFX.
    The part with Zelda didn't really feel too dramatic, just a pretty normal feel as far as Zelda games. (Which I've played basically my whole life. lol)
    That part in FFX was dramatic, though. It would have been even more dramatic if I didn't realize it before he did. (I wonder when I first realized it...)

  • I have two, both from Zelda Ocarina of Time. The cutscene at the forest temple, where sheik talks about the flow of time... younger days and the Balero of fire meeting. These scenes along with sheiks theme music stood out to me, I can still remember playing this way back in 98

  • your not a real RP fan if this does not make you cry. lol

    • What's made me dislike final fantasy 7 is due to how popular it is and hearing people raving about it so much.

    • yeah a lot of non ff7 players saw the graphics for its time and thought it was amazing. then they made all this crap where cloud and sephiroth look more feminine which was a stupid mistake these next gen people ruined a good game with there art and stuff. im hoping the remake was not ruined by the next gen people who probably never played ff7 . over all though it was the best game of the time and if anyone has played it its an amazing game.

  • (spoiler alert) infamous 2. You have to kill your best friend
    Infamous second son the brother dies and your family rejects you
    Top spot goes to God of War best tear jerker game trailer

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    Bioshock Infinite

    Enough said from my side


    If you haven't played or finished the Jak and Daxter series (Jak and Daxter, Jak 2, Jak 3 at least), don't watch this. Go play those relics of the past, and then come here.

  • Interesting mytake. So many scenes can be emotional sometimes.

  • Nothing irritates me more than those clickbait Youtube videos called "TOP TEN SCENES THAT MADE US CRY" and shit like that. It's the "US" that gets my tighty whiteys in a twist.

  • The moment I incinerated my companion cube.

    My most bitter regret in XCom: we were there to pull a VIP out. We didn't know what we were getting ourselves into. My team was good. My best team. But Michael "Popstar" Jackson had to ran into a Mutton, discovered 4 alien teams with a Berserker and a Sectorpod. Things just went south after that.

    I quickly pulled my team out of there before the interceptors could hit my VTOL. It was too late for Michael. The berserker killed him before he could run. Britney "Princess" Spears managed to get on top of a building and did her cover fire. She took down the Berserker, along with a Mutton before the aliens got to her. The VIP died in a crossfire.

    I lost 2 members and the VIP. The remaining team was wounded. John "Cowboy" Wayne was in shock. I would have to take his crippled ass out on the next mission and had him kill some aliens to calm his mind.

  • How about the last scene in Mafia 2
    The death of Cortana
    Johns death in red dead

  • Yeah... The Last Of Us was the worst!


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