Movies Where the Villains Include Detention Center Staff (spoiler alert)

The most common villains in movies are nazis, communists, a fictional totalitarian regime, cults and criminals. However, there are some movies were the villains are staff members of detention centers(prisons, mental institutions, juvenile detentions). The villains in these movies are usually wardens or evil shrinks.

1.) Switchblade sisters

Early in the movie the female protagonist is detained in a detention center with a abusive lesbian warden that abuses her young female inmates. Eventually the inmates fight back against the warden and her "henchwomen".

2.) Bryan loves you

This movie is kind of creepy but it is a very creative movie, it's filmed in found footage. The movie is about a cult that takes over a small Arizona town, the protagonist is a psychologist who ironically gets lured into a mental institution and he gets detained by the cultists that run the institution. The cultists attempt to brainwash all of their patients into worshipping their deity they call "Bryan". Eventually the protagonist's friend launches a assault on the institution and rescues the protagonist.

3.) Mortal Kombat legacy

In this series, Raiden gets detained in a mental institution. Yes, you read that correctly. The Raiden in this series, is way weaker than he is portrayed in the video games. He is more human than a thunder God. He is still able to overpower most of the the institution staff with his martial arts and superhuman strength but since he is outnumbered, he ends up getting tranquilized. I don't the think tranquilizer would have effect on the video game version of Raiden. It's not exactly a independent series since the characters are played by some well known actors. Mark Dacascos plays Kung Lao, Michael Jai White plays Jax etc.

4.) In hell

In this movie the protagonist(played by Jean Claude Van Damme) goes to prison in a Eastern European country after he delivered frontier justice for revenge. The Eastern European prison is run by a corrupt warden and inhumane guards that force inmates to fight each other. Eventually the inmates start to put their differences aside and start to rebel against the corrupt staff.

5.) Pain killers/Tour of duty

The protagonists in this movie are a group of mercenaries known as the "Painkillers" that have been detained in a secret facility that resembles a hospital by a shady organization. At first the protagonists don't suspect anything but as the movie progresses, the protagonists start to suspect that their caretakers aren't who they say they are.

6.) The Lost episode

A movie that involves a group of people who explore a "abandoned" asylum. The asylum is revealed to have been run by a group of cold hearted staff including a evil shrink that conducted cruel experiments on his patients.

7.) Grave encounters series

A found footage series about a group of people who explore a abandoned Asylum that is inhabited by a powerful paranormal force. The Asylum use to be run by in humane staff members as well. The spirits of the staff members haunt the place as well.

8.) The Jacket

In this movie, a gulf war veteran gets sent to a mental institution were he is experimented on by the shrink.

9.) Shock

A movie were a demon hunts down the staff of a mental institution one by one. It is revealed revealed that the demon was summoned by one of the patients for revenge after the shrink gave him shock therapy because the therapy worsened his health. Doesn't the demon resemble Voldemort?

10.) Riot

A movie about a man who commits a heist with the intention of getting caught in order to get his hands on a inmate in prison for revenge. The warden and his guards aren't super cruel but they are corrupt which is why there are undercover FBI agents disguised as inmates in the prison. Don't let the movie poster fool you. The protagonist is actually played by a different actor although Dolph Lundgren does play a major role.

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  • I bet this kind of thing happens all the time in real life too, people abusing their power in institutional settings. This is an " Art imitates life" expression for sure. Thanks for the recommendations!


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  • The movie The Faculty has people giving out actual detention: teachers at a high school. Hot teachers like Famke Janssen.
    There's also a naked blonde country girl for some reason. It's a good horror movie.


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  • Good Take.👍 I Iove prison movies. I like the movie Riot , it's a good movie.

    My all time favourite villains are Bane (Tom hardy) and the joker, but played by Heath Ledger

  • Also the sleepers with brad pitt. if you can really call the prison guards villains.

    • I had total nightmares after seeing that film

    • @BeeNee Oh god same here. It is a nightmare to know that you bring a kid to this world and s/he may be molested by some perverts. It doesn't necessarily include the juvenile detention center motive anyways.

    • To this day I still look at Kevin Bacon with side eye, but it does highlight some of the horrors that do happen for people locked away be it a detention center, prison, or mental institution.

  • I never saw these. Which would you recommend the most?

    • They are different genres bit if you like drama, then probably "the jacket".

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