A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!


Recently I have started taking belly dance classes (and I love it <3 ). And I decided to write a take to discuss the form, benefits and history of belly dance.

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

Unlike other dance forms that focus mostly on the arms and legs, belly dance focuses mainly on the hips as well as the abdominal region with only an "auxiliary focus on the arm movements. Basically, there are three kinds of movements in the dance: Shimmies, undulations and percussive movements.


A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

Shimmies are rapid back and fourth movements that resemble vibrations. These are often "layered" on other kinds of movements.


A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

Undulations are more gradual movements and are often done when the music is more "fluid".

Precussive Movements

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

Percussive movements are a sudden singular movement in response to a sound.

1. Great for Pregnancy and Labor

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

No really, that's what it was originally for. a lot of people think that belly dancing started out as a seductive dance performed by slave girls in the Harems of the Middle East to entertain their Sheikh. But nothing could be further from the truth. Part of the reason people think belly dancing started out as a seductive dance is because there is a lot of movement associated with the hips. But this wasn't to seduce anyone, it was to strengthen the hips (and the rest of the abdomen) to prepare for pregnancy and belly dance (or Raqs Sharqi) was often referred to as womb dancing. While a lot of people view belly dance as an exotic dance, it's really a folk dance and would be more suited for a baby shower than something like a bachelor party. The hip movements can also rock babies in the womb and help get the child in position for a much easier birth for a much better maternal experience.

2. It's great for your back & posture

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

The muscles of the back become very well developed from being used so often. The undulations of the spine help slide the vertebrate back in place if they become miss-aligned (I've felt my back pop during undulations). It also makes the spine way more flexible and combined with the increased strength of the back muscles it becomes more resilient to traumatic injury and issues such as scoliosis. Undulations and chest moves are great for posture as well.

3. Great For the Abdomen

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

Belly dancing is great for the abdominal muscles and getting them toned. It's also a great way to give your internal organs a massage which aids in digestion and gets the fluids in your abdomen moving.

4. Way Better Breathing

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

As stated before, belly dance originated to prepare a woman's body for pregnancy and labor and because her uterus becomes so big during pregnancy, the lugs start to get pushed upwards. Belly dance comes with a lot of chest movements like the chest lifts and shimmies that help open up the ribcage. While designed to aid in breathing during pregnancy, these moves can help improve breathing at any point in your life.

5. Alleviates Period Cramps

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

Did period cramps ever drive you crazy? Well gentle moves involved in belly dancing such as hip rolls can stretch out the muscles in the uterus and get fluids moving in them, helping them to relax.

6. Low Impact Exercise

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

While cardiovascular exercise like running has huge physiological benefits, it also has an impact associated with it that can cause damage to the joints over the years. This is especially true in women because in order to be wide enough to pass a baby, our hips had to sacrifice some of their load bearing capacity. Belly dancing is an intensive workout but doesn't involve any impacts, giving you the cardiovascular benefit of running with virtually none of the joint stress.

7. Awesome Way To Better Your Coordination

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

Belly dance focuses on first developing movements in isolation and then learning to combine them to create a mesmerizing display of body mechanics. This is a big part of what I mentioned about "layering" moves on top of one each other such as putting shimmies on percussive movements or undulations. While it's true that virtually all dance styles will help you develop your coordination, virtually all involve weird footwork which means that while developing the coordination you have the risk of falling and hurting yourself. But with belly dance you can have your cake and eat it too :)

8. Work your Self-Confidence

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

Self confidence and exercise usually go hand in hand because it gives you a more attractive physique. But with belly dance, there's more to it than that. When girls learn to belly dance they become amazed by what their body can do aesthetically in terms of the way it moves. Instead of being constantly embarrassed about that little bit of fat on their belly or hips (which is perfectly normal and healthy for a woman to have) they learn to love the way it jiggles when they shimmy. And not only that, they learn to use their body as a way to express themselves instead of being pre-occupied with how others view it. A common question I see asked is why are belly dancers fat? And my response is that's what normal women look like!!! Our perception has just been skewed by all of these images of skin and bone models. Belly dance has just given those women the confidence to show their average body in an extraordinary way.

9. Deeply Empowering

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

Belly dancing can also be very empowering to women. But not only can it help women engaged in belly dance to build self confidence, it can also help other women who have body issues. Many have heard of an approach companies are taking where they feature average looking women to advertise for underwear. But while it's one thing to see average women in underwear to counterbalance the impact of super skinny underwear models, it's another thing to see a woman who has a normal body with those extra bits of fat yet in the way she's dressed in a beautiful costume and the way she moves looks every bit as beautiful and mesmerizing as the models you see on TV. Many women often approach belly dancing being somewhat skeptical because of the (false) seductive connotations attached to it but are immediately transfixed by the new sense of appreciation it gives them for their body.

10. Feel a Sense of Sisterhood

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

One thing that I was so pleasantly surprised about was how inclusive and welcoming all the girls in my belly dance class were. We had women of all walks of life in the class from every race, age and social group. All body types were welcome and everyone was so supportive of each other and we bonded so quickly. The only way I could think to describe it is a sisterhood. Belly dance is a dance by women, for women and in the Middle East, girls dance as a celebration of womanhood..

11. Those Gorgeous Costumes!!!

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

Need I say anything else? Those costumes are so sparkly and gorgeous!!! Who wouldn't want them? How could you not dance in those and feel beautiful? Things like hip scarves and coins are great for accentuating the movements. There are also accessories you can add such as fan veills and finger cymbals. Also, if you're into arts and crafts you can design your own <3

12. Feel So Graceful & Elegant

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

Belly dance is great for connecting with your more sensual size. The different movements just feel so natural. It feels just like the way that you're body's supposed to move. Sorry I can't put more words to this one, it's just something you have to feel to experience.

13. Reconnect with your Femininity

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

Most of the moves in belly dance accentuate the more feminine parts of your form. Pretty much all of the shimmies, undulations and percussive movements involve the curvy parts of your body and it all makes you feel so feminine and beautiful. I've seen the benefits of this first hand. Breast cancer runs very strong in my family and my sister is a survivor. While she was first and foremost happy to be alive, having her breasts removed (even though she got them partially reconstructed) made her feel like less of a woman. But I did take her to my belly dance classes and it helped her feel feminine again. Now she performs at a retreat for women who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer to help those women through their struggles.

14. So Much Fun

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!

I think this one is pretty self evident #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun

15. Feel Like a Goddess

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!
There's been a lot of uin-based information that has been spread about the history of belly dancing. A common claim I've heard is that it was originally used to worship the mother goddess and that it is the oldest dance form. In reality there isn't any evidence to back these claims. But to me it doesn't matter if belly dancing was used to worship a goddess or not. What matters to me is that when you dance in this beautiful mesmerizing costume performing such graceful and elegant moves, you sure as heck fell like one <3 :) It's also a great way to learn about Middle Eastern Culture and Traditions.

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!
If any of you have thought about belly dancing, then grab a hip scarf and head for the nearest studio!!!

Happy International Women's Day Ladies!!! <3 <3 <3

A Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!
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  • Fitness-Fanatic
    Great take! Thanks for the insight. 👍
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  • Genie23
    Yessssss! I agree with you. Awesome Take!

    I <3 Belly Dancing :)
    • If you want to build some strength it can be a great exercise.

  • CubsterShura
    Amazing post, thanks a d happy women's day to you too!

    I always wanted to learn pole dancing, teehee. Like every time I see it in pics or vids, I'm like, how much strength does it require to be able to do that shit? I'm not into showing my body off to people... Hell no. But this would be a fun skill to have!
    • I'd imagine pole dancing requires a lot of strength.

    • Same. That's exactly why I want to learn it. Not for dancing in front of men lol. I dress in a very conservative manner and if I learned pole dancing I would never show it to anyone except close girl friends or my future husband 😂

      I learned martial art for a few years before. Currently I'm trying to do yoga from a book.

    • I understand what you mean. I sometimes belly dance in public but most of the time it's for other women at baby showers.

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  • Queenbeast22
    Let me introduce you,
    We do it too 😙 it's awesome. But yeah the belly dancing looks dramatic and that's my flavor. Maybe I'll try.
  • grimtigress
    i want to lose that little bit of tub that i've got going on and though i'm not up to seeing that bit of jiggle yeah i'd consider taking up belly dancing to keep at it. i'd only do it at home if possible but i know my boyfriend would flip the fuck out and love it too lol and i can't really do much physically straining activities due to my heart condition but dancing is actually something my cardiologist even has recommended before so i mean it seems neat, i'll look into it
  • laurieluvsit
    Wow, Ms Raneem, I am without words, this is the best mytake I have ever seen!
    You have outdone yourself on this one... really!
    This took many hours of hard effort to put together and you did it so well.
    Now I have to look to you as my mentor for outstanding myTakes!
    I think you may make every girl on GAG to want to belly dance now... lolA Woman's Day Take: 15 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing!
  • MlleCake
    How cool. My friend wrote this: www.amazon.com/.../ref=dp-kindle-redirect
  • vishna
    Great MyTake, I took belly dance classes in college. It was so fun! :)
    I first got hooked on belly dance via the amazing Sadie Marquardt. Her drum solos are amazing, her technique ugh amazing. everything in this was great but 8 really hit home for me, belly dancing made me feel so confident and own my hips, they may have had trouble slipping pass desks at school but they rocked for belly dancing :)
  • BaileyisDarcy
    I wanna belly dance. The moment i can afford it im taking classes.
  • I_Do_Mind
    I've tried this, I always look like a noodle that is getting whipped around in the air or like that awkward guy at the dance who is contemplating either doing the worm or the sprinkler.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I enjoy dancing. However, I don't recall giving belly dancing any thought. I might take it up soon to help me reduce belly inches and tighten my core.
  • Daniela1982
    Belly dancing? My belly would take up a football field. My belly is so big that if bellies were pennies I'd have enough copper to make pennies for 5 years.
  • fauchelevent
    Great take, super interesting, I learnt a lot about belly dancing I hadn't known before :)
  • CurvyPryde
    I love the points made. I am looking for more ways to get in shape so this may be a good one to try. Thank you.
  • BonnieBunny
    No thanks. I'd be too embarrassed to do something like that
  • Kelliblondebabe
    Fantastic read and I had a smile all the way through reading it @4465loveyou5577 😘 I would love to dance really disciplined 💃❤💋
  • Texas_born
    Awesome and interesting take! I never knew the advantages of belly dancing, other than it being fun.

    I would definitely benefit from #s 2,5, and 8.
  • Nina12346
    I love belly dancing, its one of my favorite dances, I've watched a few vids on youtube and got it already, its very fun and easy to do. Haven't tried the precussive tho but I will.
  • dancing_in_nebulas
    I take belly dance classes now XD! I just feel insecure with my narrow hips :(
  • QueenofCups
    Wow! Thank you for sharing this fascinating dance form.
  • inlovesince092111
    Kinda makes me want to take a belly dancing class now. Awesome post by the way :)
  • Idonthaveausername
    Belly dancing is something I've always wanted to try as a little girl. My aunt took me too see a belly dancer show and I thought the girl was gorgeous and her costume was gorgeous and her dancing was gorgeous. I remember wanting to feel like that girl on stage

    I wish I knew a decent belly dancing class to take. Now I'm making enough money that I could probably afford it. Belly dancing is something I've always wanted to try, and I know I have the hips for it

    I was aware the dance originally stemmed from pregnancy and I adore the photo you used of the pregnant woman in white. This is definitely something I'm going to remember for if I ever get pregnant because I want that baby to come out in the best possible health
  • Goodwifie
    My Konga instructor is a belly dancer and I’m so amazed by how she can move.
  • Scarlettblaze
    I've always wanted to get into belly dancing. :) Interesting read!
  • mooky06
    Fantastic take! Belly dancing looks so much fun! Good job on the Mytake :)
  • MakeupFashionLoverr
    Love it. If only i could dance lol i would even go on a pole 😂
    • Belly dance doesn't require grace and elegance...

      ... it gives it to you <3

  • I would never ever dance or wear anything sparkly. But good take nonetheless.
    ~ Mrs Manson
  • LivingMyLife
    This makes me wanna learn belly dancing (I'm a twerker). Can you twerk? I love twerking for my bf's friends... My boyfriend doesn't mind. He knows other guys can look but not touch. :)
    • I don't twerk, but belly dancing and twerking are for two different purposes.

    • What do you mean by twerking being for a different purpose? What purpose do you think twerking is for?

    • Not sure but belly dance is meant to prepare the body for pregnancy and labor.

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  • bubble_tea
    Great informative take! I went to a bellydance workshop before. It was so much fun!
  • KatnCat

    Thanks for the awesome mytake^_^
  • NaughtySarah
    Belly dancing is one of my favorite dance moves. I also love the outfits
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