Interesting Movies, Books and Video Games About People Dealing With an Occupational Force

There have been many fictional stories about people having to deal with a totalitarian power.

1.) Red dawn series

One of the well known movies about this fictional subject is the Red dawn movies in which America is invaded by the commies. In the first one, it's the Soviets but in the second one it's the North Koreans. The protagonists are a group of high school students that rise up against the invaders.

2.) The perfect weapon

A Steven Seagal movie, however Steven Seagal is sort of a villain in this movie. In this movie He plays a dictator called "the director" that runs the world under a regime called "The state". One of his assassins is the protagonist in this movie. Eventually the protagonist joins a resistance group against "the director". This movie has a creative ending.

3.) Freedom fighters

A alternate history video game in which the Soviet Union dropped the first atomic bomb on Berlin and started installing communist governments around the world. Eventually they launch a attack on the US, the protagonist has to fight off the Soviet invaders.

4.) Turning point:Fall of liberty

A video game similar to Freedom fighters but instead it's Nazi Germany defeats England and begins to conquer the world, eventually it invades and occupies the East coast of the US. The protagonist has to fight the invading fascists.

5.) The Colony

A TV show about a alien occupation of the world. The tv show takes place in Los Angeles California and the protagonists are a family and a group of rebels having to deal with the alien puppet government.

6.) The Man in the high castle

A novel about a terrifying alternate history scenario in which both Imperial Jaoan and Nazi Geemany win WWII. The book takes place in a divided US in which Imperial Japan controls one part and Nazi Germany controls the other part. The protagonists are a group of people that have survive the two oppressive regimes. There is a tv show about this novel.

7.) Amerigeddon

A movie about America under martial law after the antagonist launches a EMP that renders America's power grid useless. The United Nations sends foreign soldiers to help enact martial law. However, a family that resides in a isolated location in Texas, rises up against the foreign invaders.

8.) Wolfenstein the new order

A video game about the terrifying alternate history scenario in which Nazi Germany not only won WWII but also conquered the whole world with reversed engineered secret technology. The protagonist is a US soldier named William Blazkowicz and he is basically a one man army.

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  • Fascinating myTake! Some of them are based on historical events while some of them seem to be bizarre like the Red Dawn series.


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