My Top 4 Romance Movies

These are my top 4 favourite romance movies, dont judge me dude.

1. HitchMy Top 4 Romance Movies

I like this movie. I think it's funny and lighthearted. I also believe a lot of men should watch this. There are things he says that I agree with.

2. Warm BodiesMy Top 4 Romance Movies

Again, funny to me plus zombies!

3. The Proposal

My Top 4 Romance Movies

I love this movie! Don't ask me why, it's fucking horrible, but I love it.

4. Look Who's Talking Now

My Top 4 Romance Movies

Hey, I never said they were all human...get off my back.


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  • Nice! I really want to watch Warm Bodies now! I've heard a lot of good stuff about it.


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