International Women's Day! A Song For Every Woman Having The Names Mentioned Below! Who Are The Lucky Ones?

And who are the specialists of Female Names as Titles? Toto! Here are ten songs of theirs with a female name on their title, and also a bonus one:

1) Manuela Run from the album Toto (1978)

Good, but not the best cut among the album. But it was their first song with a female name on its title along with Angela. But Manuela Run wins here, because it comes first on the track listing!

2) Angela from the album Toto (1978)

My third favorite non-single from their debut after Girl Goodbye and You Are The Flower. But wise move to not release this as a single, because it would boost their reputation of being a Soft-Rock Balladish band.

3) Lorraine from the album Hydra (1979)

A nice romantic song. Resembles Angela, but sounds pretty much tighter.

4) Goodbye Elenore from the album Turn Back (1981)

Their most recognizable song from their most forgotten album. A great cut, but I prefer A Million Miles Away or If It's The Last Night from this one.

5) Rosanna from the album Toto IV (1982)

Their most successful female name song, and their second biggest hit in general after Africa.

6) Carmen from the album Isolation (1984)

I'm surprised this wasn't released as a single. Actually it would be a good chance for Fergie Frederiksen (Toto's vocalist for this album), to prove himself, but three out of the five singles of this albums weren't sung by him. The two singles sung by him (Endless and Angel Don't Cry) failed to chart.

7) Holyanna from the album Isolation (1984)

My least favorite among the album, but I liked its music-video.

8. Lea from the album Fahrenheit (1986)

Fahrenheit would be my least favorite album from their "classic" ones since it had the least memorable songs. Lea was just "OK", but nothing more.

9) Pamela from the album The Seventh One (1988)

My favorite song by Joseph Williams (vocalist for Fahrenheit and The Seventh One), a really catchy tune, that it could easily be another Africa or Rosanna.

10) Anna from the album The Seventh One (1988)

And this is where their tradition of female names as song titles stopped (the only exception being Melanie from their album Mindfield in 1999). A good tune too, but not as good as Pamela.


99 from the album Hydra (1979)

Sure there are no women named "99", but this song actually refers to a woman named 99. The song lyrics are a reference to the movie thanks 1138. My favorite from Hydra, and if I learned to play the piano, I would like to play this song.

So...who are the lucky ones?


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