FAMILY GUY is an Extremely Conservative Show

You may think cartoons stay away from politics and for the most part they try to except with Family Guy being the biggest cartoon on the planet at the moment it's worth nothing just how conservative it is. Like the network it's aired on, Fox, Family Guy appeals to its conservative base however unlike fox a lot of more liberal and progressive people seem to ignore the glaring conservative messages behind it because, i guess, well it's a cartoon. But...

Peter Griffin is a variation on Archie Bunker socially speaking

FAMILY GUY is an extremely Conservative show

Yes, most of Peter's time is spent on shenanigans, but there's a dark side to his personality that can't be ignored. He touts himself as a real new england man and so it can be argued he's simply a low income white American assuming the beliefs of the culture based on faulty information and economic competitiveness transforming itself into cultural hatred. And yet, the fact of the matter is he constantly takes the side of the conservative agenda on things and you'd be hard pressed to figure out why he himself wouldn't be a republican.

He outwardly has said he wishes Obama hadn't become President (even though he knows nothing about politics, democracy, or American history) on more than one occasion he's gone places thinking there would only be white people there and been disappointed to find black or latinos, he's constantly relying on stereotypes mainly learned from his obsessive tv watching to form impressions of other cultures and yet has a very good understanding of traditional American values which he uses to run his family. before becoming an over the top rendition of a jewish man, his first instinct upon learning that his wife is half jewish is to reinact the scene from schindlers list where the nazi shoots the shoots from his roof while sitting shirtless as if its just a casual sport. i use these examples instead of countless others because really they're only jokes that a conservative person would feel comfortable with and see the true humor in. Other jokes can be written off as being just him joking for laughs or simply cartoon mechanics, but these and others show that again, Peter Griffin is no liberal.

Louis Griffin is voluntarily "white trash"

FAMILY GUY is an Extremely Conservative Show

Louis comes from money and yet she renounces it all for a man who is, in many respects, the ideal conservative everyman. Think Ayn Rand's the Fountainhead. Real men, in conservative American thought, is a man who gets his hands dirty, who builds something not a rich kid who's ben given everything and tries to fit into a world where he contributes you very little. Louis sees potential but she's also just a woman who believes that blue collar, poor guys are more real more raw more sexy than her rich counterparts. This makes more and more sense when you consider how her values come into conflict with the society she grew up with and are in sync with the values that her husband peter grew up in. she's pro life, she doesn't think gay people should be allowed to get married, she thinks it's her role to be a housewife only taking on odd jobs when peter needs her to and likes it that way. She even dresses like a woman who's never had anything and yet she's had everything but is living out a conservative fantasy much to the disappointment of her big business parents.

And the list goes on and on...

FAMILY GUY is an Extremely Conservative Show

Cleveland's only episode about him that actually aired on family guy is when he's humiliated by having his white best friend sleep with his wife while his other white best friend attempts to cover it up, brian comes from dogs that were attack dogs that chased black people in the south and so he' "inherited racist tendencies" as if its genetic, stewie says many boldly racist things though its implied he occasionally has sex with mandingo type black guys (white female fantasy), Chris never dates anyone black which is fine except the one time he does peter feels the need to step and literally do a song and dance about how great white people are, the whole town forms a mob to chase OJ simpson out town, obama is shown in a ridiculous light as trying to impersonate elvis presely to comical ends, legalizing weed is seen as ultimately a bad thing even though many states have adopted the policy, the majority of the mayor's policies and legislation appeals to a strongly conservative voter base that doesn't believe in environmentalism and is willing to infringe on people's freedoms in order to create "safety" (when the mayor bans anyone under the age of 50 from buying liquor) mort the pharmacist despite being constantly targeted because of his religion has said in more than one episode that he doesn't feel comfortable with black people in his store, rush limbaugh not only converts brian the dog to conservatism in a day but is also seen very heroically not only saving brians life the towns life but also benevolently allowing brian continue to be a liberal rather than have him be a faux conservative, when bill maher comes on the show he never actually talks politics, brian the dog is a liberal but he's always showing liberals in a bad light manipulating the plight of underprivileged people to appear benevolent then doing selfish bad things as well as hating on conservatives with no actual knowledge of why, and the list goes on and on and on

Family Guy is a conservative show...

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  • You drew the Archie Bunker parallel. All in the Family, (one of my all time favorites) wasn't a conservative show. Norman Lear was the mastermind of All in the Family, Good Times, The Jeffersons, and more. He is a liberal, and All in the Family, and Archie Bunker was created to satirize, or mock Archie's way of thinking.
    To me, Family Guy is an equal opportunity show. It will go either way for the sake of a good joke.


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  • If anything its liberal. Again most cartoons just make fun of both parties. I can't believe I found a youtube nerd comments idiot who still lives in his mom's basement here on GAG. I love how they even make fun of idiots like you like on South Park Tales of scroogeballs. Where they show how there always those idiots who read too much into things and try to make everything into politics.

    • These examples are literally political

    • Show All
    • Okay when the producers and majority of said that and you can find videos of this on the internet. Then you should take their word for it. I am pretty sure they would know more than some guy who's never even been involved in the network t. v. business.

    • how would you know i haven't because you're actually wrong.

  • The author is obviously a liberal who typically thinks they understand what conservatives are all about and thinks that these lampoons and mis-characterizations of conservatives IS what conservatives actually are. McFarlane creates these false impressions of conservatives that all liberals think is what we are and this person buys into the caricature. They are engaged in Straw Man fallacies on Family Guy all day long. Don't confuse reality with McFarlane's impression of it.

  • no it's more Libertarian
    if anything
    with some liberal vibes here and there

    the Simpsons and American Dad is more of a conservative show

  • Ayn Rand's philosophy is not conservative.


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