4 Biggest Magic Tricks Revealed!

There is no magic but what makes us believe in it just because we want to believe. We all know that it is impossible to see a woman in half then just as a whole. Sorry but that's not real! They have a secret behind it. Here are the secrets behind the biggest magic tricks:

1. Cutting in halves a girl in a box

4 Biggest Magic Tricks Revealed!

This is the most common trick in the world. A beautiful girl enters a box, and only her head and part of her legs are seen. Then the magician cuts the box in halves and shows the boxes seperately. They puts the boxes together and the girl goes out.

2. The floating man

4 Biggest Magic Tricks Revealed!

It is done by placing of steel rods and plates. There is a seat, a shaft, and a plate. They usually wear long sleeves to hide the shaft.

3. Pulling a rabbit out of a hat

4 Biggest Magic Tricks Revealed!

As you see, everything happens behind the table.

4. Shadows

4 Biggest Magic Tricks Revealed!

We can guess the secret of the other tricks but this is the hardest one to guess.


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  • Lol those first two actually surprise me

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