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20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

1.) Baby Shower Cap.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

No more tears for the little one, Sold on amazon.

2.) Ping Pong Door.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

A door that turns into a ping pong table. (can be used as both a ping pong table and a door)

3.) Hug Me Pillow

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

If you're feeling lonely and have no one around to give you a hug and cuddle with you, just get a hug me pillow.

4.) Knitted Beard Hat.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

Can't grow a proper beard? don't worry you can always get yourself one of these, look just as good as the real thing (well close).

5.) Shock Therapy Clamps.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

Well some people like to mix pain with pleasure, these electric shocking nipple clams are for those people...yeah me either.

6.) Dogbrella.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

Don't want your little pooch to get all soggy in the rain, buy it a doggy umbrella. (they're available on amazon)

7.) Foot Powered Bike.


8.) Never ending bubble wrap.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

Now your addiction to popping bubble wrap doesn't have to end <3 pop bubble wrap forever!

9.) Hoodie Pillow.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

Ever feel like you just want to have your hood up while laying and being connected to a pillow, well now you can, comes in 5 different colours.

10.) Din-Ink Pen Cap Eating Utensils.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

Want to eat your food but have nothing to eat it with, just add these to your pen and you can, but i actually think this one is ultra cool.

11.) Pizza Cone.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.
If you want to eat your pizza like a ice cream, apparently you can.

12.) Shower Mic.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

For all your shower singing lovers, they have made a invention for you, now you can have a microphone while singing in the shower and wash yourself at the same time.

13.) Wank Machine.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

Here is one for you blue anons. :P

14.) Butter Grater.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

If you're fed up of your toast getting destroyed by butter, why not get one of these.

15.) Eyedrop Funnels.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

Never miss a single drop again!

16.) Rain Proof Umbrella.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

Just in case that tiny little drop gets on you, ultra protection.

17.) Banana Case.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

Protection for your banana, no one likes bruised fruit.

18.) Anti Wrinkle Bandage.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

No more wrinkles!!! No this thing doesn't actually work.

19.) Goldfish Bag.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

Just incase you want to take your goldfish with you on your journey.

20.) Pet Rock.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.

If you've ever wanted to keep a rock as a pet well now you can. (this invention made the owner $15000000 in 6 months)

Hope you enjoyed these weird inventions.

20 Of The Strangest Inventions.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • BellaIsQueen

    This take made me laugh so much! 😂

    1. Baby shower cap, Aww the baby looks so gloomy lol.
    2. Ping pong door, would be great for ping pong enthusiasts lol
    3. At first glance I didn't notice it's actually a half-torso of a guy LoL! The shirt also has a collar.
    Also, @Unit1 :P
    4. Knitted beard hat looks hilarious. Would make a cool mock gift😂
    5. Shock therapy clamps, not for me lol
    6. Dogbrella, I thought it's an inverted umbrella lol. These are actually for sale?
    7. Foot Powered bike, the guy makes it look so easy and effortless! Lol, I think it'll be wayyy difficult.
    8. Never ending bubble wrap, this is My Favourite!! ❤️
    9. Hoodie Pillow, it also has a mini pocket to keep your phone. Lol
    10. Din-Ink Pen Cap Eating Utensils, They're handy, but I probably won't prefer these. I'll be thinking of all the germs on it lol
    11. Pizza Cone, OMG no! These are my favourite! I so hope someone starts making these. 😋 Or maybe I'll try at home :D
    12. Shower Mic, could be a cool mock gift again lol. My friend loves singing in the shower.
    13. Wank machine, 😂😂😂 wonder if it actually works. It looks rigid and not all that comfortable.
    14. Butter Grater, can I use it for cheese too? 😍
    15. Eyedrop Funnel, humm I've never required eyedrops till now. But those look useful for people who might not have the best aim
    16. Rain proof umbrella, lol I want to buy these!
    17. Banana case, sweet. 😋 But I don't really eat bananas.
    18. Anti Wrinkle Bandage, lmao awesome for scaring my sister! 😈
    19. Goldfish bag, Looks like the fish has a cool ride haha!
    20. Pet rock, $15000000 in 6 months? Woah. Who's the owner? Did you buy one too? Lol

    Awesome take! Thanks for sharing. :D

    Is this still revelant?
    • Gary Dahl is creater of the pet rock :D

    • Unit1

      Hahaha, you had to mention me in this 😂 ☺ :) obviously. 😆

      Now you know why my hugs are of top quality (: 💕

    • @Unit1 lol yes 😂

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Quintessence

    LOL @ some of these.

    The first one is actually kind of useful.
    The Hug Me Pillow... yes, because cuddling with a half a human torso and an arm is totally going to keep the loneliness at bay. I mean, it might for some folks...
    The Wank Machine. Sure, it's very unlikely that the machine will malfunction and in such a way so that it tightens its grip and gets over-intense... but, do you really want to take that chance?
    The Ink Pen Cap Eating Utensils. Useful, I guess, but not very sanitary.
    The Banana Case. Useful in the rare case where you start to peel a banana, but change your mind halfway.
    The Rainproof Umbrella. I've actually seen people with these. Pretty useful for when you're standing around waiting for a bus or something in a downpour. Also, it'll discourage people from talking to you, which is oftentimes a plus. :D
    The Pet Rock. Lol... I had one. His name was Sandy. XD
    The Pizza Cone gets a "yes" from me. I'd totally eat that. It looks filled with cheese. :3

    • You've seen someone with a The Rainproof Umbrella lol? wow definitely never seen anyone with one of those before xD was that in your country?

    • That was here in Canada, yup. I've seen several people with them over the years. First time I saw it, I was like "what the actual heck?" XD

    • Yeah! haha, i assumed it was more a Japanese thing actually lots of the usual type products tend to be from there :P

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  • xZoeyx

    Some of those are hilarious 😂😂

  • sovetskii13

    I remember watching a show called "Worlds Dumbest Inventions"
    Check out this channel. Some good old stuff

  • SweedyPie

    Lmao... A wank machine!!! Lmfao

    But the baby cap thing is a life saver though... I can testify that it works!! And that pillow looks like a version of the pregnancy pillow... Which is the most comfortable shit ever when your belly is tall up to the sky haha...
    Great take!

  • madhatters4

    most of these are weird. but the baby shower cap is brilliant. try washing my daughters mass of hair and it's like a 20minute process trying to keep water out of her face, her crying because a few drops of water get in her eyes.

    • It's not new. My parents had one for my kid brother, 50 years ago.

    • Me and my sis still hate water/shampoo gettin in our eyes. We want one

  • I’d buy #1 shower cap for my baby, #4 hat for my boyfriend #8 bubble rap for me #11 pizza cone for me and whoever else wants one!! Been waitin to try it #16 umbrella for me. Those 5 aren't that weird

  • Alpha89s

    Hug Me Pillow & Wank Machine ! LOL

  • Nik1hil

    you found perfect words for this picture

  • ScottSummers

    wank machine lol... fantastic
    think n1 is the only one that is useful

  • anmari2001

    number 8

  • Coconut_Man

    I would love #2, #5 (for a friend) and #8😂😂

    Great Take 👍👍😊

  • NearlyNapping

    I hate to admit I bought a pet rock. Two of them.

    They hit the market just before Christmas. A friend and I were Christmas shopping and saw them for $6 (inflation adjusted approx $25-30). So we bought one. We were in the car reading through the instruction and training manual. It gave instructions on how to teach the pet rock to 'sit', 'play dead', and even 'roll over' (with a little help).

    It was so stupid it was funny. We couldn't let the good times go to waste, so we went back inside and bought another one. That was even stupider, which made it twice as funny as the first one.

    That was the genius behind the pet rock. It was soooooo stupid that you had to buy one. Then laugh at how stupid you were for doing it.

  • Goodwifie

    I've used the baby shower cap 💖
    OMG never ending bubble wrap popper, shut up and take my money.
    Pizza in a cone 😍.

  • TripleAce

    bahahahhhah... these are too much.. I can't...
    I'm dying...


  • pooper89

    #10 would be a good gag gift. The foot-powered bike? That already exists for kids. As an adult, that's the worst invention ever.

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad

    Thanks for sharing this MyTake of yours with us. Very well written!

  • bubble_tea

    The baby shower cap is adorable and possibly very useful. Everything else is meh.

  • Goochbreaker

    the pet rock thing made HOW MUCH? I gotta use my fkn brain holy shit

  • ADFSDF1996

    I’ve only heard of 3,4, 13 and 16. I think these are meant to facilitate every day activities.

  • acooke-13

    What? These are great!! I think these are all awesome except the rock

  • AlwaysBelieving

    1. The baby looks slightly confused in this picture.
    2. No, I don't play ping pong
    3. Does this come in a version where there are boobs?
    4. Hell, I can't go past day 5 (without a shave) with my own beard, why would I want to get this?
    5. Sounds like something for S&M
    6. I don't have a dog
    7. That seems too uncomfortable for guys. Just look at it. Besides, when did we go back to Fred Flintsone?
    8. This would be bad in my hands
    9. This seems like a good idea
    10. I just shook my head at this one
    11. That'd be even more messy than a regular ice cream cone!
    12. I'd totally get one of these
    13. Reminds me of that episode of TBBT (The Big Bang Theory)
    14. Isn't there butter mixed with sunflower oil now?
    15. I've always managed to do this
    16. It's just water people!!!
    17. So all bananas are shaped perfectly like that case? Difficult to believe
    18. SMH
    19. again SMH
    20. Wasn't this a thing of the 70s?

  • DeeDeeDeVour

    The baby shower cap, rain-proof umbrella & pet rock were hits in the Philippines when I lived there.

  • JJrt1999

    Am I the only one who thinks the ping pong door is awesome!

  • interesting, good work.

  • omgjassy

    Still funny

  • Pink2000

    All of these are a waste of money.

  • I fount my favorite invention. Of course number 4

  • Jordan26

    5th n 17th one really interesting

  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy

    Lol the human mind.. I love the dogbrella.

  • nice! everything but shock therapy!

  • clampfan101

    Never even heard of most of those! lol

  • I would buy my dog the umbrella

  • Hollywood-Glam

    I would totally buy the first one if I had a baby.

  • msg812

    great my-take, congratulations.

  • I will buy these

  • Harmseygrace

    The ping pong door and the shower mic are awesome

  • Razal

    Some of these are really strange

  • Anonymous

    I was around during the pet rock craze. It was funny.

    I still remember being VERY fussy as a small kid getting my hair washed - it was very long sometimes. It REALLY would have helped if my parents had invention number 1.

    The shower Mic is very funny. We love a lot of things that Fred makes, and we pay attention to it, because my husband is named Fred. Over the years we have gotten and given some funny stuff from them. One of my favorites was a set of three cookie cutters I gave my serious cookie baking friend. They were normal ginger bread man shape, but they looked like they had bites taken out already.