Total "GUY" Things That Both Genders Will Love

There's a lot to love about being a guy. We have a lot of cool stuff over this way. For girly girls and guys who tend to like stuff that's considered "girly" these are things you shouldn't miss out on...



It's hard to define the pure awesomeness that is Blue Mountain State. It's basically everything every guy loves distilled into one show that has very little to do with football or even football players itself. It's a beer infused look into how the elite of college society lives. It's Friday Night Lights but really drunk and dispassionate about actual football. It's a nerd's fantasy of what it's like to be a football jock, but at the same time laughs at itself enough times you don't feel like they're any better than you even though they're treated like royalty.


Total "GUY" Things That Both Genders Will Love

Meek Mill goes super hard. He's compared to drake rather negatively ever since he called drake out for ghost writing. That was a dumb move because despite people claiming they want rap that is real, aggressive, and raw, in reality they enjoy the depressed crooning of an upper middle class jewish millato over a guy who raps ragefully about being locked up and dated nicki minaj pretty seriously. Still, Meek Mill goes super hard on all his songs. It always seems he's yelling but his lyricism is on a super level and in this way kind of reminds me of eminem (i know eminem gets too much credit but still think he was able to combine long sentences in a way that was really coherent and fun to listen to.) Listening to "lord knows" is a ride and the ultimate pump up when you feel like getting in the zone.


Total "GUY" Things That Both Genders Will Love

There's a lot here that makes someone want to challenge the idea that this is a guy thing. What they would fail to realize is that smirnoff, when he was trying to get his vodka to pop in the US was able to influence the film adapation of the james bond novels to make so that James Bond's favorite drink was a vodka martini, shaken not stirred. This is unique for two reasons--martinis are now more popular in gin form. Second, martinis are always supposed to be shaken not stirred so james bond saying it is clear advertising technique to make it sound cooler than it is. Part vodka part vermouth the drink is indisputably perfect, yet it's not the fruity cocktail most girls enjoy when they drink casually nor the type of drink that's designed to get you completely hammered when you want to let loose. Still, it's just so good and if you give this man drink a chance, I think you'll like it a lot.

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  • Random though. That whole shaken not stirred thing has always irritated the f*ck out of me. Uhhgg! And Im done.


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