Top 6 Actors/Actresses Who Dislike Their Own Movies!

Top 7 Actors/Actresses Who Dislike Their Own Movies!

Bob Hoskins In The Super Mario Brothers Movie (1993)Top 7 Actors/Actresses Who Dislike Their Own Movies!

Bob Hoskins said the two directors who were in a relationship together has said they confused their arrogance mistaken for talent. And after a few weeks of horrendous direction said quote."Their own agent told them to get off the set." But with a few more F bombs in there. Bob Hoskins apparently made it through by getting hammered with his co star John Leguizamo. Called by many audiences as one of the worst movies ever made its sequel was canceled. So can you blame him?

Bill Murray In Garfield: The Movie (2004)Top 6 Actors/Actresses Who Dislike Their Own Movies!

Bill Murray made a mistake and thought it was written by the Coen Brothers but instead was written by Joel Cohen. But he didn't back out and he suffered making this movie. With his voice Bill Murray was a good voice for Garfield but he didn't like the script to the movie he probably would've liked this movie if it was written by the Coen Brothers because they're pretty incredible directors. Bill Murray eventually got the last laugh in a movie he did in 2009 when a girl asked. "So do you have any regrets?" "Bill Murray laughs." "Garfield maybe."

George Clooney In Batman & Robin (1997)Top 6 Actors/Actresses Who Dislike Their Own Movies!

Playing a super hero is pretty much the best thing to happen to an actor. George Clooney did benefit from the name recognition but that's about it. Over the years he's been known to joke about being the capped crusader and he said quote. "I thought I destroyed the franchise. He also said until someone brought it back and changed it with the movie Batman Begins. He also said at the time he thought this would be a good career move. It wasn't .

Mark Wahlberg In The Happening (2008)Top 6 Actors/Actresses Who Dislike Their Own Movies!

Mark Wahlberg has been made fun of for his performance in this movie. Especially the way he talks to a plant and the way he says. "What?No" On shows they make fun of Mark Wahlberg's performance in this movie. Many people think it was the director of The Happening that made Mark Wahlberg act in the movie. But many think this movie is funny bad mostly because of Mark Wahlberg's performance in The Happening.

Katherine Heigl In Knocked Up (2007)Top 6 Actors/Actresses Who Dislike Their Own Movies!

Probably the most recent times of a feud an actress hatred of her movie publicly ,Katherine Heigl made waves for calling Knocked Up what she saw as sexist stereotypes. She went on to say that her character was portrayed as a bitch. And the women were painted as quote shrews as humorless and up tight. Director Judd Apatow and co-star Seth Rogen didn't stay quiet and have both defended the movie and their work with her over the years. Katherine Heigl seems to be the biggest lower in this fight though as this incident has given her the reputation of being difficult to work with.

Sandra Bullock In Speed 2 Cruise Control (1997)Top 6 Actors/Actresses Who Dislike Their Own Movies!

During the interview where she was talking about a sequel to the movie The Heat she was quick to say no way. She told reporters she's done two sequels they were horrible. She said I don't know about sequels I just don't know about them mine have not done well. It's easy to see why she's not proud of doing Speed 2 though it currently is holding a 3% on Rotten Tomatoes.


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  • Well, I think you would be great in the role of Luigi :P
    George Clooney didn't destroy the Batman franchise, Joel Schumacher did, but still, Batman Forever was much worse than Batman & Robin (In advance - Yes, that's my opinion and I'm not gonna change it no matter what the critics or the audience said) ;)
    The other movies I haven't watched.

    • I think George Clooney meant Batman & Robin did and I don't think Batman & Robin is as bad as people say it is. But even the people who like it say it's bad. Also if even George Clooney thinks its bad that should say something.

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    • Appearances can be deceiving sometimes.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • Man, fuck the Super Mario Bros. movie right in the ear. Watching it will just straight up ruin your day.

  • It makes sense because all of those movies suck lol


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  • Nice mytake. One person you forgot to add on the list is johnny depp. He doesn't even like to watch none of the movies he has made.

    • I've heard about that but just because he doesn't even want to watch his own movies doesn't mean he dislikes his movies

    • Haha yeah that could be true.

  • Very good mytake on this, I never saw Super Mario or Garfield since I knew they would suck and now I know why. You really described them well

    • Did you see Speed 2 Cruise Control? I heard it's awful.

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    • I feel bad that Nostalgia Critic hates it

    • I don't take anything that serious, everyone has different tastes

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