The 5 Worst Movie Directors Ever! (Said By Many)

Top 5 Worst Movie Directors Ever!

Ed WoodThe 5 Worst Movie Directors Ever! (Said By Many)

Ed Wood won an award for being the worst movie director ever. Even though people think he's a horrible director they can say he was characteristic and did try to make his movies enjoyable to sit through. He has 2 movies on the list of films considered to be the worst. Sometimes the things the ideas in his movies weren't just fault. There were studios that forced him to put terrible things in his movies but most of the ideas that were in his movies were his ideas but at least he's characteristic and actually loves being a director.

Michael Bay The 5 Worst Movie Directors Ever! (Said By Many)

Michael Bay has won two Razzie Awards in 2009 and 2014 for Worst director. He seems to be called one of the worst directors ever by many but does keep getting box office successes many think its just because people are curious what the Transformers movies are going to be like in the movie even when they know it's going to be awful. He's mostly known for making The Transformers movies which has give him his two Razzie Award wins for worst director also the second Transformers movie won Worst Picture in 2009. Even though many think the 2007 movie wasn't so bad and had some good things to like many think The Transformers movies keep getting worse and worse.

Zach SnyderThe 5 Worst Movie Directors Ever! (Said By Many)

Zach Snyder has had many box office successes but his movies get are called really awful. Batman V Superman was nominated for worst movie of 2016. Even though they are people who like it and find things they like about it. But many of his other movies people really don't like and called awful by most he still gets box office successes by him choosing topics like Batman and Superman and many other topics that people want to see in the theaters.

Tyler Perry The 5 Worst Movie Directors Ever! (Said By Many)

Tyler Perry has been making people question if he knows how to do anything. Because the things he does in his movies makes no sense. He's said in many movies he can't hold a still shot doesn't know how to edit a movie or give the actors in his movies any good direction.

Uwe BollThe 5 Worst Movie Directors Ever! (Said By Many)

Uwe Boll has been called the modern Ed Wood of directors. Buy unlike Ed Wood Uwe Boll isn't characteristic and doesn't even really try. He's not really known for being friendly unlike Ed Wood. Alone In The Dark is on the list of films considered to be the worst list. Also BloodRayne was nominated for a Razzie of the worst movie in 2006.Both Alone In The Dark and BloodRayne both did horribly at the box office and its not surprising when you watch both of these movies.

I excluded directors who have had at least two really known and loved movies. Also I excluded directors who are only really known for one movie.

I haven't watched any of these directors movies other than movie reviews. Like Nostalgia Critic,The Cinema Snob, Fanboy Flicks,or Cinema Sins. (:


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