Strangest Supernatural Moments - Part 2

Strangest Supernatural Moments - Part 2

7. Breaking the Fourth Wall

Season 6, Episode 15 – The French Mistake

No one video clip can do this episode justice – you have to watch it all. Sam and Dean are tossed into an alternate reality where they are just actors in a tv show.

What’s a Jared Padalecki?” –Sam

Strangest Supernatural Moments - Part 2

8. Death is a Foodie

Various Episodes

Who would’ve thought that Death would like food so much?

Strangest Supernatural Moments - Part 2

9. They Grow Up So Fast

Season 7, Episode 13 – The Slice Girls

A baby that can talk? Yep, definitely strange.

10. Ballerina Dances to Death

Season 7, Episode 16 – Out With the Old

11. Beer Goggles

Season 7, Episode 18 – Party On Garth

In this episode there is a creature that can only be seen when one is drunk. So to hunt it down you have to get drunk first.

Strangest Supernatural Moments - Part 2

12. “Dumbass”

Season 8, Episode 8 – Hunter Heroici

This whole episode was a bundle of weird. Cartoon physics became reality.


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  • I used to watch it


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  • I don't know if it should count but when Sam was messed up after Cas broke the "wall" inside his head from the time he spent in hell, Sam getting trolled by "Hallucifer"; the hallucination of Lucifer, over and over, that was absolutely fucking priceless, and it just makes you go poor poor Sam, oh why just why? isn't what he gone through in Mystery Spot bad enough and then now this? He couldn't get any sleep because of the constant hallucinations.

    Oh oh, I remember. I love the part when Castiel was curious and watched porn for the time and got a fucking boner LMAO!!

    And then Dean said:

    "You don’t watch porn in a room full of dudes. And you don’t talk about it. Just turn it off. Well, now he’s got a boner."

    That was absolutely hilarious!


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  • I miss that show. I'm behind a couple seasons. Wouldn't even know where to start again lol

  • Nice my take on a great tv show.


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