5 Games That You've Probably Never Heard

5 Games That You've Probably Never Heard

I do enjoy playing video games sometimes, (not a gamer per se), however.. I do enjoy playing them, especially those made close to the year that I was born. That being said, they're probably games that you've never heard of, and they're the games I love to play at any time.

Pac-Man World 3 (2005)

The first time that Pac-Man ever makes a talking appearance, and the second game to feature new power ups. Ever dream of Pac-Man throwing bolts of electricity from his hands? Look no further, he's got the skills in this game, as long as he eats the power pellet of course.

5 Games That You've Probably Never Heard

This game features Pac-Man journeying through various teleportor-chosen areas in which he must destroy syphons created by Erwin, the main villain of the game, whose syphoning could cause catastrophic damage to the ghosts' realm, and Pac-Land outside. Prepare to fight huge beasts, special monsters and bosses, and rescue your fan favorites (ghosts) to defeat Erwin!

Pandemonium (1996)

Personally, this is one of my favorite games. The game begins with the main character accidentally chanting a curse on a nearby town, summoning a demon to devour the entire thing whole.

5 Games That You've Probably Never Heard

You must complete a series of levels in order to save them. Although many of the levels can be difficult, you're also equipped with ranged powerups, making the job easier as well. Your goal is to get to the wishing engine in order to save the town, but beware.. wishes aren't just given to anyone unguarded!

SuperSponge (2001)

Ever heard of a video game featuring your old pal SpongeBob? Let's be real, you probably have, but at a first impression, you'd understand why the game would look underrated. Nevertheless, I enjoyed.

5 Games That You've Probably Never Heard

It's Patricks birthday today, and SpongeBob is looking for an autograph from their biggest fans, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. However, they have a few "requirements" first, summoning you to do their dirty chores for you, searching for the items needed in the most dangerous of places. You may have friends to help you along, but it's still difficult for a first time player. After all though, it's all for a great friend.

JetMoto 2 (1996)

Your common racing game. I hope you're not afraid of heights!

5 Games That You've Probably Never Heard

Choose from many different skins/motorcycles to race the computer or a friend to see whose #1 in the world. Just make sure you don't fall off the bike though.. in some areas, you won't be able to see the land beneath your wheels!

Rayman (1995)

My all time favorite game, which also happens to be the first video game I've ever played.

5 Games That You've Probably Never Heard

It features a limbless hero, summoned to rescue Electoons were hunted and cages, after Rayman's enemy, Mr. Dark had stolen an orb of energy called The Great Protoon that harnesses peace in the world. You must free all of them to face against Mr. Dark, but you must first venture into the deep jungle, up high in Band Land, even higher up into the Blue Mountains, and later deep into pitch darkness into the Cave of Skops. When facing Mr. Dark, you'll also encounter a second Rayman created by Mr. Dark. Do not hold it's hand.. he is not friendly..

This has been a list of my personal games that I first started playing as a kid. Have you ever heard of any of them? If not, I highly recommend them. Thanks for reading!

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  • I wouldn't play them they just sound off

    • Aha oh well. They're just recommendations.

    • I don't even think you'd be able to get ur hand on them since obviously they aren't made anymore.

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  • have you guys heard of bravian lands?

    • I haven't. What's it about?

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    • probably because you use consoles, and not computers

    • Yeah, PCs were never really my thing lol.

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